Sideswipe: May 9: Busytown’s dark humour

Bargain bust

A marble bust that a Texas woman bought for about US$35 ($54.60) from a Goodwill store is temporarily on display at a San Antonio museum after experts determined it was a centuries-old sculpture missing from Germany since World War II.

The bust, which art collector Laura Young found at Goodwill in 2018, once belonged in the collection of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, according to the San Antonio Museum of Art, which is temporarily displaying the piece until it is returned to Germany next year. The ancient Roman bust dates to the first century BC or first century AD and historians believe it may depict a son of Pompey the Great, who was defeated in civil war by Julius Caesar, the museum said. The sculpture was last seen in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and experts believe a soldier took the sculpture and brought it to the United States, the museum said. A Sotheby’s consultant identified the work and it was further authenticated, the museum said.

Stamps still postal currency

Horse names

The lineup for yesterday’s Kentucky Derby, won by Rich Strike, had some unusual names, like Epicenter, Cyberknife, Tiz the Bomb, Zozos, and Summer is Tomorrow. Why do racehorses have such odd names? Mainly because there are so many of them. You can’t give a racehorse the same name as a previous horse, sometimes for years, sometimes forever. And names have to be approved by the governing body. In the United States, they categorise names that come from the horse’s lineage, pop culture references, traditional names, horses named after a person, and humorous names. The best are designed to be funny when the track announcer uses them. Recall the race between My Wife Knows Everything and The Wife Doesn’t Know. Or ARRRRRRRRRR! And of course, the unforgettable Hoof Hearted.

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