Sideswipe: Simpson’s shop names

Did you know…

1. That honeybees can recognise human faces. Whereas before it was thought that only large-brained mammals could distinguish faces, but honeybees can do this as well. They see faces in a compilation of 5,000 individual images – kind of like pixels.
2. The music genre “shoegaze” got its name from British critics mocking the musicians always looking down at their shoes while playing instead of the audience. In reality, the musicians had to focus on the numerous music effect pedals in their playlist.
3. That before asbestos was seen as hazardous, a Han dynasty general had a jacket made from it. He would pretend to spill wine on it at dinners. Then he’d throw it into a fire and pull it out to show it was still intact to impress his guests.
4. That sloths lose one third oftheir body weight when they poop, which happens once a week on the ground, and in the standing position.

Sign tells it like it is

I Believe That Marriage Is a Sacred Union

Writing in the New Yorker, Taylor Kay Phillips offers this view of marriage:
“I believe that marriage is a perpetual milkshake with two straws shared between one person who said, ‘If we’re not married by the time we’re forty, let’s just marry each other,’ and one person who agreed and then turned 40 without being romantically attached to anyone.
“I believe that marriage is a bolted-down two-seater bench between one person who left everything behind after a traumatic event to find themself and start over in a strange city and one person who inhabits that city, makes intricate crafts related specifically to the local terrain, and proves once and for all that we cannot love others until we love ourselves.”

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