Spy: Bay Patrol – meet two of the stars of NZ’s own version of Bondi Rescue

Two about-to-be-famous lifeguards are hoping their new show will improve water safety – just don’t mention Baywatch.

Mount Maunganui lifeguards Danny Hart, 25 and Hamish Miller, 22 are part of Three’s local version of Bondi Rescue shot over the summer holidays at the famous surf beach.

Bay Patrol features heart-pounding rescues, shark sightings and medical events as it brings to life the work Surf Lifesaving NZ does to keep us safe each summer.

Miller, who was born and bred at The Mount, comes from a surf lifesaving family – but says he has never seen a shark around The Mount.

“You’re aware that they are there, however, you are in their home and there’s always going to be the slightest risk,” says Miller, who hints that viewers might spot a few famous faces on the beach during the show.

UK-born Hart has served 11 seasons as a lifeguard and spent time on the Aussie beaches. He says there weren’t too many “naughty” beachgoers this year. “You occasionally got the odd jet ski coming in a bit too close and too fast but they moved on pretty quick. Other than that, there were a lot of happy members of the public enjoying their new contraptions they got over the Christmas holidays.”

He says it’s the small rescues that make his day. Helping reunite missing children with their families is always heart-warming and satisfying.

Both Hart and Miller say their serious injuries don’t come during the job but in training and the sport of surf lifesaving. Miller once bit through his tongue when a wave hit his ski and knocked him out during training.His team-mates got him to hospital.

Hart is expecting a bit of a ribbing from his surf-club peers when the show hits the air, but nevertheless he is looking forward to viewing it.

So, does being a lifeguard help meet dates?

“People seem to have a thing about lifeguards – some wanting to stop for a chat, of course, some are nice-looking single ladies, but you have to get back to focusing on the job at hand,” says Hart.

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