This Video of Adele Meeting Her Dream Celebrity Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Too Pure for This World

In Hollywood, musicians don’t always get the chance to mix with other parts of the entertainment industry, but award shows do bring all the A-listers together. That’s how Adele’s dream came true at the 65th Grammy Awards when host Trevor Noah made sure she met one of her favorite actors: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

That special moment came early in the show when Noah was wandering around the audience and interacting with the celebrities in the audience. He came around to the pop star’s table where she was sitting with boyfriend Rich Paul, and noted, “The person that Adele has always wanted to meet, but never has, is Dwayne Johnson. You’ve never met him?” Adele shook her head as the former Comedy Central personality added, “I found out he’s a huge fan of yours, too. I don’t have someone named Dwayne Johnson here tonight, but I do have someone called, ‘The Rock.’”

That’s when Johnson came into view and clutched his heart as Adele stood up with a huge grin on her face. “Adele, meet The Rock. The Rock, meet Adele. First time ever,” Noah continued as the audience roared with approval. The dynamic duo gave each other a kiss on each cheek and then the Jumanji star sat next to the “Easy on Me” singer. Noah encouraged them to “get acquainted.” 

It’s going to be a moment Adele will never forget because as she sat down, she closed her eyes in disbelief — that happy grin will be on her face all night. Noah made her dreams come true!

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