Weekend Hot Topic: The Game Awards 2022 hopes and predictions

Readers discuss what they expect to see announced at The Game Awards next week, from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to Final Fantasy 16.

It’s The Game Awards on Thursday night, the biggest reveal event of the year and, hopefully, a chance to see previously announced games in greater detail and some brand new titles for the first time.

There’s little clue as to what will be there but lots of readers are hoping for Spider-Man 2 and some more Sony announcements, as well as another glimpse at Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom from Nintendo.

Final chance
I don’t really care what I see as long as it’s something new from Sony. I don’t know what they’ve been playing at this year, but it’s not been working for me. No news, no announcements, no communication basically. Spider-Man 2 is supposed to be out next year, and we know nothing about it. There’s been whispers that Wolverine is further along than thought and yet we’ve heard even less on that.

Those are my two minimums, but I also want to lance the boil on The Last Of Us multiplayer and get Naughty Dog working on something more interesting, and then, finally, have some new announcements!

What has Sony been working on this year? It must be something. They must have half a dozen big games, at least, in development but what are they and why they won’t they tell us about them? The Game Awards is the last chance to find out this year but I’m not sure how confident I am that it’ll happen.

Trust the Force
I’m really hoping to learn more about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the other announced Star Wars games. As another reader said recently in the Inbox, it’s been ages since we’ve heard anything and that was basically nothing. And yet the game is out next spring? I demand more information!

To be honest, never mind The Games Awards and the ridiculous time they’re on, I’d like to see Lucasfilm Games do their own event and start teasing all the things they’re working on. They’ve got a bunch of Star Wars games, Indiana Jones, and I really hope more original games like the excellent Return To Monkey Island.

I’d love to see Lucasfilm return to being a big publisher again and maybe The Game Awards will be the next step towards that.
PS: I forget that Ubisoft Star Wars game too, please show that!

No change
I don’t mean this to be as negative as it might come across but my answers to what I hope will be at the 2022 game awards would probably have been the same a year ago as they are now.

A DLC announcement for Elden Ring would be great. We all know it’s going to come eventually, and most of us could guess what a trailer would look like, so the only thing I’m really waiting for is a release window or date. If it isn’t announced now then there seems a good chance it won’t be till a year or more after the game’s release, which would feel a bit odd. But I’d say there’s still only a 50:50 chance for news at the show.

Less likely, I think, is a bit more on Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, although that would be my second ideal thing. Not that I really need any more before a proper showing in a March or April Nintendo Direct, and at best we would probably get another one minute trailer just now. I’d only give that a 10% chance, though.

Maybe slightly more likely would be something big for PlayStation, like the first proper trailer for Spider-Man 2. If there’s anything like that, though, I’d only expect something cinematic rather than proper gameplay.

Since Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now out the gate, I’ll give a very outside chance of XCOM 3 being announced, but Firaxis might not want to distract from the former, considering its release date is so late in the calendar.

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Night at the movies
I would love to see some footage on a couple of licensed games. Those being the Io Interactive James Bond game and the other being the MachineGames Indiana Jones game. I think it is more likely that we will see something of the latter as, from memory, that was announced earlier than Io’s Bond game but also because it has been so long since MachineGames put out a game, that I would imagine and hope that they must have something to show by now.

I trust Io to do a great job with the Bond licence, it is the first time since maybe Everything Or Nothing that I feel as though a big AAA effort is being put into a James Bond game and I’m all for it. I remember the days when pretty much all licensed games used to be awful cash-ins but it really seems that ever since the Batman: Arkham games took off a lot more effort has been put into licensed games.

I know you still get games like Gotham Knights, but I think even with that I have no doubt Warner Bros. gave it a AAA budget to work with and was in development for a good few years, rather than just a couple for licensed games of the PlayStation 1 and 2 era. My only slight concern for the Bond game is that story has never been the strong suit of Io’s Hitman games, so hopefully they can improve on that for Bond.

I’m a huge fan of both Bond and Indy and feel that both could make great games given the developers involved and with them not being tied into any films.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Now playing: Evil West (Xbox Series X)

GC: There’s a chance the Indiana Jones game could be tied into the new film, at least tangentially. Which also makes it relatively likely for a reveal.

All or nothing
The game I am most looking forward to is a predictable choice but Final Fantasy 16, I feel that of the main line series 13 and especially 15 have been going downhill and this is a huge chance for the series to turn it around.

Firstly, the fact it has been rated mature means it could be quite a dark entry in a hopefully meaningful way (and please as far from Noctis edgelord mopey teen darkness in the previous entry as you can get).

Secondly, the Game of Thrones vibe will either work incredibly well or it won’t, with little room for in between. It’s all been done before several times, so either Final Fantasy will knock it out the park with an interesting immersive take or it’ll be a dull, bland game world.

Thirdly. and personally with rumours of a time skip, etc. it would be great to see some base building, or real development, i.e. choices in the first act matter in the third, etc.

To summarise, the game will either be incredible or terrible, and for me I can’t wait to either be re-hooked into the series or give up entirely.
Michael, Crawley
PS: Thanks for rating Front Mission 6/10, that saved me £30 before Christmas.

No hope
I’d love to see The Elder Scrolls 6 the most but I think there’s probably zero chance of that. I’m not even sure how much they’ll show of Starfield, although I think that’s probably a given.

I’m also interested in seeing EA’s Marvel games. I can’t remember if they were part of The Game Awards before but they’re having a good run at the moment and I’d like to see them make more of an effort with their games and be rewarded for it.

That time of year
The Games Awards are a fun bunch of shows but major reveals are probably going to be kept to the individual publisher’s shows and same with the console companies, but I am sure we’ll get a good few exclusives.

Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space remake, Octopath Traveler 2, Resident Evil 4 remake, and games which are okay to reveal will be seen, whilst the major gaming publishers’ own major showcase games are kept for a later date.

The awards are, of course, the main part of this show and Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök will be probable contending favourites amongst others.

Starfield is the biggest game for me next year and potentially my main game to experience, and that may not be revealed too much here, especially with any significant content, but I could be wrong. Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom and, who knows, Dead Island 2 could be possibilities, though Dead Island 2 has to be exceptionally better than other similar zombie parkour or sandbox styles action slashers.

I look forward more to the occasion and watching it on Twitch on Lirik’s stream but really, I can’t believe it’s this time of the year again and ultimately hoping for big surprises and to turn my modest feelings for the show into the wow factor. But I’ll continue to control my enthusiasm for now and await the end of year celebrations of games. Which to me is the most important part of The Game Awards 2022.

GC: The Game Awards was the venue Microsoft used to announce the Xbox Series X, let alone any games. There barely are any individual publisher shows anymore.

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