Wendy Petrie’s new set dance moves: She feared cheerleading past would damage credibility

Much-loved broadcaster Wendy Petrie has issued a heartfelt message to her fans after receiving an outpouring of support for her viral dance routine.

Petrie responded on social media, jumping directly on to the comments on the Herald’s Facebook page to thank her supporters.

“Thank you so much for all your kind comments,” Petrie wrote, detailing how her background as a dancer once left her worried about her credibility.

“I used to be so worried that being a dancer/cheerleader as a teenager and through university would stop me from being a credible, serious journalist.

“I’m glad now I have the courage to be me.”

Petrie trained as a dancer and starred as a cheerleader in Auckland rugby’s 91FM troupe alongside modelling mogul Sara Tetro.

She revealed that her training as a dancer was actually a boon for her high-pressure roles in front of the camera.

“My background as a trained dancer actually helps me so much as a news anchor, as so much of being on air, is performance based and under intense pressure. So thanks again for your support!”

Our broadcasters have been increasingly cutting a rug online and on-air, with the hosts of TVNZ’s Breakfast show wowing fans with their moves.

Taking a leaf out of Breakfast’s book, Petrie joined weather presenter Renee Wright and showed off an impressive routine set to Mariah Carey’s Fantasy, which quickly went viral.

“Sometimes you need to have a laugh right? The 6pm Red team trying to replicate our Breakfast gang’s dance moves,” she shared on Instagram.

On TikTok she wrote: “Our producer said ‘have more fun’ after we played Breakfasts’ Child on the 6pm news. Is this what you meant?”

TVNZ’s presenters are split into two alternating teams during Covid 19 alert levels three and four.

“Oh my God you guys are AMAZING! xx,” Breakfast presenter Matty McLean commented.

“@tvnz breakfast have some competition,” a user on TikTok said.

Petrie and Wright were joined by sports presenter Andrew Saville for a brief cameo near the end of their routine.

“Good to see Sav getting involved even though he was reluctant to start,” another commenter said.

Since the start of lockdown, McLean, Jenny Suo and Jenny-May Clarkson have shared polished dance routines on social media. And they’ve gone viral – with hundreds of thousands of users watching the clips.

But now Petrie, 50,has reminded her TVNZ colleagues not to underestimate her dance skills.

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