10 Luxury Splurge Items That Say, Yes, You Can Have Nice Things

Can we please retire the phrase "this is why we can't have nice things?" It's so boring, and anyway, it's just not true. "Nice things" are the cashmere coats that make us feel invincibly beautiful, the kooky furniture hauled home from a Wes Anderson set, the throwback Rilo Kiley poster from 2003 that you tracked down from a warehouse auction because it came with the best late night memories. Of course we deserve nice things! Just as we deserve kindness and nourishment and another season of Felicity. (Still not over it, sorry.)

With that in mind, we proudly present 10 reasons why you should have nice things. Scroll through, dream big, and set up your eBay alerts, because as anyone with a pair of 80% off Prada heels knows, one woman's trash is another woman's ultimate style haul. And isn't cyclical luxury the nicest thing of all? (No. Making out with Scott Speedman is. But again, I digress…)

The Dream Dress: Khaite

I have grand plans for this dress, which was created by New York designer Cate Holstein and resembles a Georgia O'Keefe orchid flipped upside-down. It's perfect to debut with velvet platform heels at a New Year's Eve bash, pair with clunky boots and black tights for daytime, and eventually drench with tie dye in the sink. (Because let's face it, some girls can eat pizza in a white dress with no consequences, but… uh… pas moi.)

Buy it: Khaite, $2,380

The Velvet Platform Heels: Miu Miu

Like I said, these shoes would be ahhhh-mazing with the Khaite dress… or any dress… or that ripped pair of jeans from college I refuse to throw out, because they still make my butt look fantastic, ok?

Buy them: Farfetch, $1,070

The Art Score: CJ Hendry Illustration

This may look like giant paint splotch, but look closer — it's actually a pencil illustration by the Australian artist, whose meticulously sketched imagery looks like a photo, but comes from literally hundreds of hours drawing by hand. Rihanna and Christian Louboutin are already fans, as are nearly 600,000 people on Instagram.

Buy it: MyModernMet, $10,000

The 5 O’Clock Somewhere Excuse: Estelle Colored Glasses

These handblown wine glasses were created by Stephanie Summerson Hall, whose grandmother Estelle taught her how to host a party with memorable, gorgeous touches. Like all of her glassware, these wine stems are available in single colorways, too. But what fun is that?

Buy them: Estelle Colored Glass, $190 (set of 6)

The Timeless Timepiece: Cartier Tank Watch

Perhaps I'd stop being late if I could gaze at something this major every time I needed a schedule check. Perhaps I'd also stack it against my old-school Swatch, because my mom would hate it. 

Buy it: Cartier, $10,900

The Hot Tickets: Hadestown on Broadway

Until Anais Mitchell releases her next album (soon, maybe?!) the best place to hear her spellbinding music is live, onstage, and performed by a cast of Broadway superstars. This ragtime epic recasts Orpheus and Eurydice as rust belt vagabonds, with thrilling results (and songs you'll start belting in the shower).

Buy them: Broadway.com, various prices

The Outer Limit: Sergio Hudson Cashmere Coat

I enjoy stopping people in their tracks, but sometimes I struggle to do it elegantly. (Did I mention I want to stack a Cartier Tank Watch on top of a Swatch plastic diver? Because I totally do.) This luscious coat by Atlanta native Sergio Hudson is super chic, but its lipstick-red colorway ensures I won't fade into the background… and because of its oh-so-adult floor length cut, I can wear sweats underneath and nobody will know.

Buy it: Modesens, $2,795

The Tabled Discussion: La Double J plate set, $350

J.J. Martin lives in Italy and also on Instagram, where here dolce vita is chronicled in wild prints, expensive wine, and vine-carved garden pathways that seemingly always lead to a fabulous dinner. Her new-ish line of dishes ensures meals always feel like a work of art… even when you're just eating Chipotle queso. (Which is good, by the way.)

Buy it: Farfetch, $350 (set of 6)

The Bag to Secure: Stella McCartney Circular Tote

The most sustainable bag is the one you carry every day. Eco goddess Stella McCartney makes it easy with a circular tote topped with an oversize chain, which basically turns this bag handle into its own separate accessory. Besides being gorgeous, this thing is useful — like, it can fit two full cans of Cadbury hot cocoa mix inside. Not that I've tried or anything.

Buy it: Net-a-Porter, $1,830

The Heart Wants What it Wants: Moschino x Sesame Street Sweatshirt Dress

Oscar may be a Grouch, but every time I see this brilliant Muppet revamp by designer Jeremy Scott, I smile so hard. Do I need another sweatshirt? Nope. Have I watched Sesame Street since 1985? Nope. But good moods are priceless, and this piece pretty much guarantees one every time.

Buy it: Moschino, $780

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