7 styling hacks for looking like you’ve made an effort when you really haven’t

Written by Harriet Davey

Freelance fashion editor Harriet Davey is here to tell you some simple styling hacks that’ll make any outfit look like you’ve made a huge effort, with little to no effort required.

As a fashion editor and stylist for over 10 years, I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. And considering I dress people for a living, when it comes to myself, I often stick to some simple rules that tend to make any outfit look like I’ve made an effort, often with minimal effort involved. And let’s face it, at this time of year in particular, getting ready in the morning can be a struggle. 

A few of my hacks include always steaming your clothes to make sure that no matter what you wear, it looks put-together. Adding a bold bag or jewellery that’ll spark a conversation (I love smaller sustainable brands) and when it comes to outerwear, be prepared to splurge a little more as it’ll be worth it to hold all your winter outfits together. This is the same for great basics, too. Keep going to see my seven styling hacks that’ll make getting ready that little bit easier. 


My seven easy styling hacks are: 

1. Colour-match a blazer to a top or jumper for a coordinating look that’ll always look polished (no matter what you wear on your bottom half). 

2. Steam your clothes: a crease-free outfit will always make it look like you’ve made an effort, no matter how quickly you put the outfit together. 

3. Invest in great-quality basics. You can shop my favourite white T-shirt below. 

4. When it comes to dresses in particular, stick to styles and details that suit you rather than following trends. 

5. Talking-point jewellery can easily update an otherwise simple outfit. 

6. Go for classic outerwear in more premium fabrics to complete every winter look. 

7. Add a bright, bold bag. 

  • H&M rib-knit jumper

    Colour-matching your blazer to a top or knit is a tip you can take through all seasons. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same colour; in fact, different tones of the same shade always looks effortlessly stylish. Just add jeans, tailored trousers or cargo pants to this orange style to complete the look. 

    Shop H&M rib-knit jumper, £24.99


  • Warehouse premium asymmetrical wrap blazer

    A tailored blazer will always look more pulled-together than a slouchier style. Opt for heavier fabrics such as wool in the winter and go for a colour that you love so you feel more confident. If you dare, go for a top-to-toe tonal look with the matching trousers, too. 

    Shop Warehouse premium asymmetrical wrap blazer, £83


  • Steamery Cirrus no.3 travel steamer

    I recommend this steamer to so many people. It’s my second travel steamer by the Stockholm-based brand (I previously had the Cirrus no.2) and this is my favourite. 

    I don’t own an iron as I just use this to steam my clothes before I wear them each day, and it’s also a lot less damaging than using an iron. It may sound simple, but having a crease-free outfit is a top tip to looking like you’ve made an effort even if you’ve just thrown an outfit together. 

    Shop Steamery Cirrus no.3 travel steamer, £150


  • Cos regular-fit heavyweight T-shirt

    A secret to great outfits is great basics. Sure you can pick up a T-shirt for just a few pounds, but if you spend just that little bit more you’ll get a quality style that will last. Cos is the destination for well-fitting T-shirts that are just the right thickness – I have this in white, black, Breton stripe and even the long-sleeved version. It’s that good!

    Shop Cos regular-fit heavy-weight T-shirt, £25


  • Mango knitted turtleneck dress

    Dresses, dresses, dresses! Each season there’s a whole host of new trends, and although it’s fun to try new styles, my advice is to stick to styles or details you know will suit you rather than just buying what the shops are telling you to. A midi dress is a failsafe option for most, and belted details or thicker knit materials are often the cherry on top. 

    Shop Mango knitted turtleneck dress, £35.99


  • Loveness Lee alphabet necklace

    Sometimes all you need is a sprinkling of brilliant jewellery to complete an outfit. A statement pair of earrings or pendant can be all it takes to create a talking point for your look. I love smaller brands and often have people asking me about my Loveness Lee initial necklace  – it’s handmade in London from sustainably-sourced metals. 

    Shop Loveness Lee alphabet necklace, £135


  • Aligne George slouch wrap coat

    The UK weather calls for a coat during most months of the year, so they’re worth the extra spend. A woollen oversized version in a classic shade of grey, camel, cream or black will serve you well for seasons to come. And with such a great coat, you barely even need to consider what you’re wearing underneath. 

    Shop Aligne George slouch wrap coat, £199


  • JW Pei Gabbi bag

    Loved by celebrities including Hailey Beiber and Kendall Jenner, JW Pei’s Gabbi bag has been a hit for quite a few season. Now, the LA-based brand has dropped the ruched style in so many more bright, bold shades. Adding a colourful bag to your outfit is an easy way to lift an otherwise simple outfit. This blue shade would work so well with the grey Aligne wrap coat. 

    Shop JW Pei Gabbi bag, £89


Images: courtesy of brands

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