A tropical Malibu playground is coming to the UK this summer – with a beach bar, DJs and obstacle course – The Sun

RUM fans rejoice. A boozy playground is coming to Britain this summer – and there's sure to be a lot of Malibu.

Landing in Liverpool between August 7 and 11, the Malibu Games will transport you to warmer climates – with a beach bar, live DJs and tropical cocktails.

Held in the city's Great Baltic Warehouse, tickets cost £15 and include two Malibu tipples of your choice – although they can only be drunk after you've completed the obstacle course.

Contestants have to speed through the course as quickly as possible, while picking up points along the way.

First up, there's a Not So Coconut Shy, where people have to scramble to collect coconuts.

Then there's a Strawberry Sprint, where you leap across podiums and dodge swinging strawberries.

Finally, teams have to work together to collect purple tokens in the Passionfruit Prism – with the whole race taking about 45 minutes.

If you don't fancy taking part, you're more than welcome to head to the sandy bar for a few drinks instead.

The games have been making their way around the world this summer – and there's a few famous faces supporting them.

Love Island's Gabby Allen and Oliviva Buckland – and Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson – all took part when the games launched in the Caribbean earlier this year.

In more boozy news, this dad built his daughter an amazing garden bar for FREE by using old fence panels – and it only took him a week.

You can buy tickets for the Malibu event here (minimum 2 per purchase).

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