Beautician calls botched eyelash extensions stuck with hair bonding glue ‘worst lashes ever seen’ & warns of dangers

WITH salons open again, people everywhere have been booking in treatments whether it be their hair, nails or eyelashes to freshen themselves up after lockdown.

However for some, a trip to the salon doesn't always go to plan and one beautician has warned against the dangers of poorly executed treatments after fixing a client's botched eyelash extensions.

Instagram account IPS Beauty shared a video of the woman's horror fake eyelashes that looked as if they had been melted on to her natural lashes.

"THIS IS VILE, the poor lady came to me for a removal, she had these done at a hairdressers," the beautician revealed in the video posted online.

"THE ABSOLUTE WORST DONE LASHES I HAVE EVER SEEN. How can people do this to someone's eyes?"

They revealed that the lashes were stuck using hair bonding glue and wrongly advertised as eyelash extensions, when they were instead cluster lashes.

In the video's caption, the beautician explained: "It’s so sad to be in 2021 and people are still preforming work like this and listing it as 'eyelash extensions'."

Warning of the dangers, they added: "These are not eyelash extensions! They are cluster lashes bonded with hair bonding glue! Extremely damaging!

"Please make sure you enquire properly before you go to get your lashes done! Remember extensions are applied on 1 natural lash cluster lashes are applied on top, (the natural lashes are never isolated)."

In a follow-up video, they shared a clip of the congealed lashes being removed using a specialist remover.

They were seen painfully peeling away each cluster and vented: "OMGGGGG I CANTTTTT this should be illegal."

The beautician added: "Anyone who provides work like this needs a LIFE SENTENCE AND ME AS A JUDGE 👩‍⚖️ This is terrible! Please be careful who you go to! @lashglouk remover used to remove these lashes! Proof that their remover can remove even the toughest of glues/lashes ❤️."

Thousands watched the botched job removal and people were left horrified,with one person commenting: "Look at this. People are mean."

Another said: "Oh my god not the hair glue."

A third wrote: "This looks and feels painful," while one person felt for the customer as they posted: "O my that poor lady some people have no shame lucky she got u to sort them out (sic)."

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Plus, one woman has urged beauty fans not to get their eyebrows microbladed while showing off horrific results four years on.

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