Beauty fan offers stark warning after popular keratin treatment savages her hair and leaves it falling out in handfuls | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has warned others to steer clear of keratin treatments after watching herself lose heaps of locks.

Like many, Chloe Sinclair Jones, from Cardiff, used to take great care of her long hair and on one occasion she decided to treat herself to a keratin treatment.

However, now, six months later, she's losing handfuls of her once-pretty locks, leaving the mum in tears.

Urging fellow beauty enthusiasts to not make the same mistake, Chloe warned her 3.4k followers on TikTok.

''watched my self [myself] go from a happy outgoing person to a depressed mess that crys [cries] everyday about my hair,'' she revealed in the now-viral video.

''im [I'm] not the same person i was 6 months ago,'' said Chloe, adding she wished she had never got it done in the first place.

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To prove just how much she had lost over the course of a few months, Chloe shared snippets of herself before and after the hair-rific nightmare.

Half a year ago, Chloe's hair was long and thick – but now, with huge chunks of locks in her palms, the woman was constantly in tears.

''I don’t think I’d even get it back to the tickness [thickness] and length it was that’s what’s the hardest part,'' she opened up to her fans.

Seeing the dramatic difference, social media users flocked to comments to show support.

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One said: ''People saying it’s just hair. You don’t understand the time and patience it takes to have hair that long.''

Someone else recommended: ''Get hair mayo. It literally saved my hair after keratin treatment.''

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A third had a similar experience, writing: ''I had a keratin treatment almost two years ago and my hair all fell out. it’s never been the same.''

''beautiful, the person who told you that it was keratin was envious of you because keratin hydrates and repairs hair, prevents frizz, sorry,'' read a comment left by a person who reckoned the hairdresser had done this on purpose.

If you like Chloe are currently on the lookout for improving the health of your locks, keep reading – as it turns out, you've probably been using oils and serums all wrong.

Sharing his tips and tricks, the hair guru Matt, from New York, the US, took to TikTok to enlighten us all.

''Don't apply hair serum from the bottle onto your hair,'' he said to his 1.4million fans.

''Most oil-based or serum-based hair products are gonna perform best when you break them down really well on your palm.''

According to Matt, who posts under the username @mattloveshair, you should first squeeze a tiny amount of the serum and rub into into your hands for eight or so seconds.

Once it's warm and ready to use, gently work it into your locks and watch magic happen.

Posted less than a day ago, the clip has already taken the video-sharing platform by storm, racking up a whopping 1.3million views.

But whilst Matt swore by this trick, social media users were divided – whereas some thanked the guru, others reckoned it was a waste of product.

''But doesn’t the serum just absorb into ur skin?'' one person wondered.

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Someone else agreed, writing: ''yeah so we can waste 50% of the serum on our palm.''

''But I’m not a fan of how the oils leave my hand,'' a third commented.

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