B&M shopper shows off her massive homeware haul including wallpaper, rugs and blinds for just £1

WE all love a bargain – but one woman, it seems, can't help but go all in when she sees a range of cut-price items.

By the look of things, the shopper had a ball rummaging through her local B&M store, walking out with multiple trolleys packed full of goodies which she'd picked up for a quid.

Thrilled with her cheap buys, the bargain-hunter shared snaps of her massive homeware haul on Facebook, and people can't believe the bargains she'd found.

Some items were as cheap as 50p, including some grey rugs and bathroom caddies.

The woman shared a list of items she'd bought, most of which were all slashed to £1, including wallpaper, rugs,blinds and bedding.

She spotted some fan heaters for a small £3 too, so she picked up a few – perfect for next winter.

Sharing her finds in the B&M Bargains and More Facebook she said: "Don’t worry about who I’m buying for or what I’m doing with it all. Bargains to be had across the country."

And the cheap buys certainly got other shoppers excited.

The post has since racked up thousands of likes and comments from thrifty shopping hoping to nab a bargain themselves.

B&M Bargains

  • Roller blinds £1
  • Karaoke speaker with mic £1
  • Rose gold speakers £1
  • Mika bedding sets £1
  • Bath mat sets £1
  • Harry Potter wallpaper £1
  • Grey rugs 50p
  • Sink caddies 50p
  • Fan heaters £3
  • Window vac £5
  • Handheld steam cleaner £5
  • Heaters £5
  • Wireless charging speaker £5 (Black & White ones)
  • Bread £1

"Where do you live as I never find anything like this!!! I need you to be my personal shopper," one joked.

"Everyone in your family getting a roller blind for Xmas," quipped another.

Impressed, one shopper wrote: "Well done what a find."

And another said laughing: "Im jealous!!!! How did you fit it all in your car."

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