Cameran Eubanks Says an Insult About Her Teeth Led to a '$6,600' Visit to the Cosmetic Dentist

Southern Charm alum Cameran Eubanks got candid about how negative comments influenced her to change her appearance in her new memoir, One Day You'll Thank Me.

Featuring a collection of personal essays, the memoir touches on everything from her relationships to her time on reality television, including how haters made her begin to question her appearance.

"Around season 4 of the show, a woman commented on one of my pictures and said, 'How can you be married to a doctor and not be able to afford to fix your teeth?' Can you imagine writing that to a total stranger?" Eubanks wrote.

"It actually made me cry and is a comment that I will never forget," she added.

Eubanks went on to explain that while she had braces as a child, her "bottom teeth had shifted" as she aged. "It never bothered me until I read that comment. I couldn't get it out of my mind and I let it get to me. So much that I actually went to see a cosmetic dentist to get Invisalign to fix my teeth. Yes, that comment cost me $6,600," she said.

The Southern Charm alum made a surprising exit from reality TV last May after six seasons on the show, saying in One Day You'll Thank Me that her priorities "changed" after she gave birth to her 3-year-old daughter Palmer Corrine.

"My mantra with social media if you are on a reality show: You don't like the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Well, get out of the kitchen is exactly what I did after season six," she writes in the book. "At that point, I had a child and since becoming a mother, my priorities had changed. I also felt like I was at a different place in my life. It was time to move on."

Eubanks also said she felt like reality TV had taken a "dark turn" and was more about curating drama than depicting people's real lives. Ahead of the current season of Southern Charm, a rumor began circulating that Eubanks' husband, Jason Wimberly, had an affair. Both Eubanks and Rebecca Wash, the Charleston makeup artist who was alleged to have been involved with Wimberly, adamantly denied the claims.

"The drama on reality TV lately has taken a dark turn and become something I don't want to associate myself with anymore," Eubanks writes in her book. "False accusations can be made and nasty rumors can be started for the sake of a 'good show.' It just started to feel a bit icky."

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