Cleaning fanatic shares easy way she gets her radiators sparkling and it'll leave your house smelling amazing too

SCRUBBING your radiators might not be high on your daily chores, but one cleaning fanatic has revealed why it should be – and not just because it'll have your house smelling great too.

It's no secret that dust can gather on both the top and bottom of radiators in the house, but you'd be surprised at how much accumulates in each groove too.

The middle section is obviously not so easy to access, but one woman has come up with a genius way of clearing out the build up and leaving behind that much-loved scent of fresh laundry while doing so.

TikTok user Carly G ( shared the genius cleaning hack she had come across on the social media platform with her followers and it's since been shared hundreds of times.

In the video she puts together a solution made up from disinfectant laundry cleanser, scented laundry beads, fabric softener and boiling water, and lines her radiator with containers ready to collect the liquid underneath.

She then pours the solution across the top of the radiator so it gets into all the grooves, with the liquid cleaning the inside and pushing out any dust particles into the containers below.

The result will leave you with a bucket full of dirt and dust in murky water, but it will have your radiators sparkling.

"This is just one of the little things that I've learnt on TikTok that brings me so much joy," Carly G told viewers.

"Some people might hate to admit that they learn things on social media, but I love it."

She captioned her clip: "radiator clean. omg the dust!! sooo satisfying (sic)."

When one person commented that she "could have bought a radiator brush", Carly G revealed there was an added bonus to her quick and easy method as she replied: "I could have, but this makes my room smell amazing when the heating is on."

People seemed keen to try it out, with one person posting: "Id be worried in case I damaged the radiator, but great idea. Always up for stuff like this (sic)."

"This is clever," wrote another, while a third thought there was no time like the present to give their radiators a spring clean, adding: "I'm going to do this today."

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