Couple spark furious debate over what colour his T-shirt is – and it’s reminding everyone of THAT dress | The Sun

DO you remember THAT dress? The one no-one could decide whether it was blue or gold?

Well, now another colour debate is hitting headlines all over TikTok, and it's all to do with the shade of a man's adidas T-shirt.

Gabs took to the social media site to share a video of the man in the sports top, as she said: "The shirt is aqua blue and banana yellow."

But the man insisted she was wrong, because it was "grey and orange".

Unwilling to accept that, Gabs added: "Banana yellow – like a custard – aqua blue."

"Maybe you’re not in the light," he replied.

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"Grey, like a slate, and orange."

Gabs continued to insist she was right about the hue of the shirt, stating: "That is not grey, this looks like the colour you painted the deck two years ago, it’s blue.

"Even the adidas (logo) here, it’s blue."

The pair then decided to seek advice from a third party, with the man walking outside to ask someone else "what colour is this shirt?"

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The woman outside then threw another colour into the ring as she insisted it was "mint and orange".

"Mint?" the man exclaimed.

With Gabs hitting back: "It’s blue and yellow.

"It’s like banana yellow and an aqua blue. He said it’s grey and orange."

He then added that in his opinion it was "almost salmon".

But Gabs said: "There’s not even a hint of pink in it!

"It’s not orange. There’s no orange. It’s custard and aqua blue.

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"This is my eye colour!"

The video concluded with the man swearing as the debate got a bit too hot to handle.

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