Desperate mum at her wits end with her ‘bully’ 6-year-old son who ‘breaks toys on purpose & is mean to homeless people’ – The Sun

A DESPERATE mum who is at her wits end with her ‘bully’ 6-year-old son has opened up about his bad behaviour.

The stressed-out parent said she doesn't know how to cope with the boy, who "breaks toys on purpose & is mean to homeless people".

Writing on Medium, the anonymous mum asked others for advice on how to handle her son, who she says is a "straight-up jerk".

Examples of the naughty boy's behaviour include "breaking toys on purpose", poking fun at homeless people and 'bullying' other children.

The distraught woman said: "He will break his toys on purpose and then expect us to buy him a new one.

"Even though we have told him if he breaks it on purpose, he can either use his tooth fairy money to buy a new one, or he won’t get one because we won’t replace it."

While the mum said her son is academically "brilliant for his age", she fears that "he doesn't grasp common decency or empathy".

The mum went on: "He has been very rude/bullying type behavior for about 2 months now.

"He will say things for no reason other than just to be mean, it seems? Like the other day, he made fun of his other mum's appearance.

"He then said her outfit was ugly. Of course, we reprimanded him and told him it was mean to say hurtful things."

The woman and her partner have tried their best to guide his behaviour with rewards and punishments but it hasn't worked so far.

"No matter what we do, he still acts like a jerk," she said. "He’s still rude and selfish. He doesn’t show empathy.

"We feel like we are failing him as parents! Can anyone help us!?"

Other parents have flocked to the post to offer varied advice and coping mechanisms, with one advocating for spanking while another suggesting he needs better role models.

One person said: "If a child is an a**hole it is what you let him be. A kid will do anything you allow. I believe in spanking. But the New Modern Parenting do not. So if he is an a**hole he learned it from you. He is spoiled period."

A second suggested: "Have you considered having him checked for Asperger?

"It may either be that your son is spoiled, needs more social interaction with kids his age (which I know is extremely difficult right now) or it’s something deeper than that."

A third chimed in: "Boundaries are key. Consistency. He should experience consequences to his own behaviour, it shouldn't be considered a punishment, just a consequence."


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