Easy Outfits: How to Wear Corduroy Pants For Fall

Easy Outfits: How to Wear Corduroy Pants For Fall

From that ping of excitement when a newly purchased piece makes its way into your wardrobe to rediscovering old favorites and styling them in different ways, we’re always after fresh outfit ideas. With a new season upon us, we’re planning to work new arrivals and wearable trends into our wardrobes, and to help spark outfit inspiration along the way, we’re sharing some of our favorite looks throughout the month of September that are both easy to wear and driven by our favorite Fall trends. Oh, and each outfit features affordable pieces from the latest POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s. This is: Easy Outfits!

To me, corduroy pants are one of those items that’s nostalgic and nuanced at once. The soft, ribbed fabric is one I love in cooler temperatures, feeling like a comfortable and fresh alternative to jeans when I’m fatigued by denim. But when I first reach for a pair at the top of the season, I find myself sartorially paralyzed and realize I need to reestablish my sea legs.

What I’ve ascertained is that color is at the crux of my corduroy issues. In the past, I’ve gone for shades of burgundy, forest green, hot pink, and the like, all of which can feel like a lot in combination with a textured jacket, colorful sweater, or printed top. For me, it takes a more versatile color to feel at ease — like this $40 pair of blue cords from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s, which is the perfect denim alternative for Fall.

My feminine tendencies are another reason that corduroy pants trip me up in the styling department. But with a floral-print top, I quickly realized that I’m not a pants-hater after all. In fact, I’m a fan! To lend a tailored feel, I layered on a long duster coat in ochre green and mixed in mossy faux-croc boots for a little more texture. Now, I’m not normally such a head-to-toe color person, but these earthy tones were all working together for me (which I shockingly amplified with yellow sunglasses and a berry lip).

So you see, this pair of corduroy pants are what I now consider to be an absolute Fall must have and the base for easy outfits a plenty whether you emulate my look head to toe or style with knits, tees, and button-downs. Ahead, check out my easy outfit, and shop the key pieces. Then, be sure to check back as we continue to bring you more easy Fall outfit formulas from the newest dress trends to outfits centered around boots and polished trends you can wear to work.

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