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A WOMAN was wholly prepared to show up as a bridesmaid on her sister's big day and even spent nearly $1700 on a bridesmaid gown.

Then, days before the wedding, the bridezilla changed the dress code, and her sister became the center of attention in the worst way.

The heartbroken bridesmaid posted about the experience on Reddit's Am I the A**hole forum, desperate to know if she was in the wrong after all.

"AITA For wearing a white dress to my sister’s wedding?" she asked in the title of the post.

Four months before her older sister's October wedding, the Reddit poster was asked to be a bridesmaid, and the bride told her party what to wear.

"My sister didn’t want to buy all of the bridesmaids' dresses as she wanted us to contrast and feel comfortable in our dresses," the poster explained.


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But the bride had a special request, she added. "One thing she let us know was that the bridesmaids were to wear WHITE dresses."

Eager to make a good impression on her sister and the other wedding guests, the poster searched high and low for the perfect bridesmaid dress.

When she found a long white dress with a white corset, it seemed like a dream come true, even though it had a £1500 price tag (around $1,693).

"I decided to be the smart person and have my sister come round to the boutique to see me in the dress the next day," the woman explained, since the store had a no-returns policy.

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"My sister was overjoyed. She exclaimed she LOVED the dress and it was perfect for her wedding," the bridesmaid recalled. "She insisted that I should buy it."

But one week before the wedding, she woke up to frantic messages from her family – and a shocking text from her sister.

"Change of plan, I do not want bridesmaids wearing white," the message reportedly read.

"White is for the bride and all the other bridesmaids are now wearing teal," the bride continued. "Please buy another dress, Thanks xx.”

The poster couldn't afford to buy another dress after splurging on the "perfect" gown, so she wore the white dress as originally planned.

"Everyone was giving me dirty looks and stares, especially the groom," the heartbroken bridesmaid said.

Weeks after the wedding, she's still getting the cold shoulder. "My sister was infuriated with me afterwards and my entire family is ignoring me."

Reddit commenters were torn. Several people were confused about the circumstances that prevented the original poster (OP) from wearing any other dress.

"I would’ve went with a cheap dress instead or rented one," a commenter said. "I would even ask the sister to pay for the new dress since she was the one who pushed you to buy it."

"When she asked you to wear white you should’ve immediately questioned it," chastised another poster. "You also shouldn’t have bought such an expensive dress. That was incredibly dumb."

The price of the original white gown raised red flags for plenty of commenters – several people said their own wedding outfits cost a fraction of the price.

The bizarre circumstances lead some commenters to compare conspiracy theories, wondering if the whole debacle was a "setup."

"It’s obvious OP’s sister set her up," one person insisted. Another person claimed the bride only changed her mind when she saw her sister's showy dress.

"When she showed it to the bride, the bride possibly thought that OP is doing it on purpose to upstage her but didn't want to outright fight with her," they theorized.

"[The bride] then decided on the teal dress thing with the other bridesmaids to get back at the OP."

For the most part, commenters were on the Reddit user's side. Many had theories about why the bride acted in such a bizarre way.

"I wonder if the bride is non-confrontational to a dysfunctional degree," one wondered. The bride might have "just avoided the very expensive issue she caused until it was too late."

"The moment the bride gave an OK on the dress, all this 'maybe you should have done this other choice' goes out of the window," another commenter wrote.

And in an attempt to comfort the Reddit poster, several told her the silent treatment was actually a blessing in disguise.

"Your sister was setting you up to fail here," another user wrote. "I'd rather not speak to people who think that this is acceptable."

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