Fiendish Easter brainteaser challenges you to figure out the total in this sum – but can you do it in under 60 seconds?

NEED a break for the scorching heat this Easter Sunday? We have just the thing to keep you and your brain busy.

A new maths puzzle is driving people wild as they try to solve the Easter equation. 

Devised by Gala Bingo the puzzle asks people to figure out the value of the Easter egg, daffodil and hot cross bun to work out what the final sum could be, but how will you fare? 

This Easter themed maths puzzle took an average of 62 seconds to solve, but can you beat the time? 

The answer is of course 50 but we’ll explain if you’re still scratching your head.

The first answer is 45 meaning that each daffodil is equivalent to 15.

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Therefore the next sum means that the two chocolate eggs make the value of 20 together or ten individually. 

This means that the following sum shows that four hot cross buns are equal to eight, giving them the value of two each.

So when you add the daffodil (15) to the chocolate egg (ten) you get 25, multiply that by a hot cross bun (two) and you get 50.

Time to tuck into a well deserved Easter egg after all of that brain power!

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