Friends fans can’t stop Googling Phoebe Buffay to hear her singing Smelly Cat to celebrate 25 years of the show – The Sun

TODAY marks the 25th anniversary of the hit US sitcom Friends – and let's face it, we still couldn't BE any more obsessed.

To mark the momentousness occasion, Google has paid tribute to the show by creating hilarious animations which pop up on screens when you search each of the characters names.

To try out the hidden Easter egg for yourself, all you have to do is do a Google search of Phoebe Buffay's name.

Along with the usual Wikipedia bio and selection of photos from the show, a drawing of a guitar also appears in her bio.

If you click on the guitar, Phoebe's most popular Central Perk hit will start playing before an ACTUAL SMELLY CAT prances around your screen. Genius.

And if that wasn't enough, Ross Gellar's sofa animation will cause your screen to "PIVOT" and fall sideways – which frankly, left us feeling a bit dizzy.

Meanwhile, a chick and a duck will pop up if you click on Chandler's barcalounger while Monica's soap and bucket promise to leave your screen sparkling.

And naturally, a quick Google search of Rachel Green encourages Friends fans to deep dive into a sea of Rachel haircut images.

But our own personal favourite has got to be the incredible "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD" animation which accompanies Matt LeBlanc's most famous role.

Petition to mark this touching Friends tribute a permanent fixture? Anyone?

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