Gardeners warned against ‘dangerous’ viral TikTok Lawn trend which could cause serious injury | The Sun

ALL gardening enthusiasts have been warned against a dangerous TikTok lawn hack which could lead to serious injury.

A budget-friendly TikTok lawn care hack for fixing patchy lawns has gone viral on social media, with more than a million views, as homeowners across the world look for ways to make their gardens more lush.

But one expert has urged gardening fans to steer clear of this hack, as it's dangerous and could even cause injury, The Express reported.

In the TikTok video uploaded by Oliver Joseph, a British amateur gardener, the man shared his mowing hack, which involves removing the grass box from the lawn mower and using a stick to prop open the rear cover. 

This, he claimed, will allow the cuttings to be redistributed across the lawn, fertilising any dry, patchy areas caused by hot weather and severe lack of rain. 

However, according to one lawn maintenance expert from Toolstation, removing the grass box is one of the most dangerous lawn care errors people can make.

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“We wouldn’t recommend this hack.

''Without a lawnmower’s rear cover or grass box in place, there's a chance rocks and other dangerous objects could be picked up and ejected at speed.

“These fast-moving, heavy projectiles could cause serious injury to anybody nearby – including pets. 

“In particular, it could cause a lot of harm if it were to hit the face or eyes. 

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“We all want a lush, green lawn, but it certainly isn’t worth losing an eye over!”

Instead, the whizz recommended looking for a “mulch mower”.

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The guru explained: ''This is a much better option.

''A mulch mower is a type of lawn mower that is designed to spit out mulched grass as your lawn is trimmed – leaving behind clippings that will keep your garden well fed with rich nutrients.

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“Unlike with this hack, mulching mowers are designed for this purpose, so you’ll avoid any issues with flying rocks!”

The blade and mowing deck of a mulch mower are configured to chop the grass multiple times before the cuttings go back into the lawn, so gardeners don't need to worry, as they won’t end up with unsightly piles of withering greenery all over the backyard.

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