Harrison Ford’s Giesswein Slippers Should Be Your Next Pandemic Purchase

Harrison Ford is an absolute modern vision of health, well-being, and comfort in the hellscape that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Ford, who is at the vaccine-approved age of 78, reportedly waited in line for his dose for two and a half hours. Two and a half hours! And you think he didn’t do so wearing an outfit fit for the occasion? Of course he did. Most notably: those slippers.

Overall, Ford’s fit was pretty par for the waiting-in-line-in-L.A. course. Some trousers, a sweater, and a quilted jacket, accessorized with a page boy cap (coulda left that out but we’ll let it slide), and a mask. Worn correctly, mind you.

But Ford really went in on the footwear. He wore a pair of Giesswein Vent slippers, made out of warm virgin wool. That wool keeps your foot insulated but not suffocated, which is precisely why they work so well for an indoor-to-outdoor shoe. Plus, wool is naturally water-resistant (as are these shoes), which makes them a wise choice for Ford’s L.A. snow day wearing. That rubber outsole is meant to be grippy on any ground, from the concrete to the wood floors in your house.

The construction of the shoe was made for couch-sitting-to-line-standing transition, too. Although you can slip your foot into it, it still covers your ankle for outdoor protection and a snug fit. Instead of anything complicated (like laces, ugh), the slippers have a small toggle to tighten and loosen the fit of the shoe as needed.

Besides the fact that they are very comfy right out of the box, they’re also meant to last you a minute: You can change out the footbed as yours wears down after many a use. Got especially high-maintenance feet? You can also slip in an orthopedic to make them as close to a custom-made pair of slippers once could possibly get. Consider this the shoe of pandemic part…whatever phase we are in.

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