Hayfever sufferer shares nifty tongue-and-thumb tricks which clears her nose & says it works

BRITS are constantly looking for ways to ease their hayfever over the summer months, but one woman thinks she’s found the trick.

Elena, based in Melbourne, Australia, regularly post videos of random and interesting facts people might not know.

In one TikTok she explains there is a simple trick people can use to unblock your nose, without the need for any nasal spray.

She said: “So if you’re feeling blocked up, here’s what to do.

“Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

“And at the same time, press down in between your eyebrows with your thumb like this.

“This will actually move the bone in your nose back and forth.

“It will loosen the nasal passage and clear your sinuses quickly.”

Elena also clarifies that this is only a natural remedy, so you should seek advice from a medical professional for any nasal complicated issues.

Study356.co.uk states: “One of the best locations where you can use acupressure for sinus issues is inside your mouth.

“Simply push your tongue until it is flat against the roof of your mouth and at the same time that you are doing this, push one finger against your forehead right between your eyebrows.

"Hold this pressure for about 20 seconds and you will begin to feel the relieving of pressure.

“Once you release your tongue and take your finger away you will feel some movement towards the back of your throat when the pressure build-up begins to dissipate.”

Elena’s video has been viewed over a massive 3.7million times and racked up over 538,000 likes.

People rushed into the comments, praising Elena for her trick.

One person wrote: “IT WORKS THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

Another said: “Wow it really works I just had a blocked nose and tried this and now it’s not blocked anymore thx.”

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