I asked for a basic French tip manicure & ended up with the worst nails I’ve ever seen | The Sun

YOU can't go wrong with French tips – or can you?

One woman experienced the worst blunder imaginable after a trip to the nail salon.

In a TikTok video uploaded to her followers, Madison Colliflower showed off the horrid nails she was left with after asking for a French tip manicure.

Before revealing the nail disaster, she shared with viewers the original nail inspiration photo for what she'd requested.

They were a standard set of nude, medium-length nails with white tips – nothing too crazy.

Despite her simple ask, Colliflower was left with butchered nails.

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The white tips were a major indication of the nail tech's failure, taking up more than two-thirds of the nails.

For the results she got, Colliflower might as well have asked for white manicured nails, as the nude color which was meant to be primary barely showed.

In fact, Colliflower's nails looked so bad that TikTok commenters couldn't believe their eyes.

"Holy hell…. There’s no way," said one person.

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"Noooo," added a second.

Some other viewers could completely sympathize with Colliflower's pain, as they'd been in the same position, like one person who said: "THIS HAPPENED TO ME."

Other spectators met the comments with sarcasm and humor, a user writing: "It looks exactly like the picture!!!!"

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