I bought a 4-bed house at 24 by selling sexy snaps online – I make £220k a year after quitting my nanny job

JUST three years ago, Rhiannon Blue was crying to her mum about her money woes – knowing she'd never be able to afford a house on her £14,000-a-year nanny salary.

But she's now the proud owner of a four-bed house in Leeds, which she bought at 24 with no help from her parents or partner.

Rhiannon quit her nannying job to join OnlyFans in August 2018 and now makes $300,000 (£220,000) a year selling sexy snaps and vids.

She tells Fabulous: "I never thought I'd be in this position. When I was working as a nanny, I'd cry to my mum, thinking I wouldn't be able to afford a mortgage until I was 40.

"She still reminds me of that now. The fact I've gone from crying in my mum’s house to being able to buy a four-bed property on my own at 24 is crazy.

"It's got four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a nice big open plan kitchen, south facing garden, marble floors. It’s really nice."

After leaving school at 16, Rhiannon studied at the Italia Conti Performing Arts school in London.

But when she graduated after two years, aged 18, she ended up getting a live-in nanny job in Surrey.

She says: "It was a random job, but I needed money. The family were absolutely lovely but I always knew it wasn't for me.

"After two years, I knew I had to leave that nannying job. I wanted to make more money and it just wasn't me, I needed more."

I never thought I'd be in this position. The fact I've gone from crying in my mum’s house to being able to buy a four-bed property on my own at 24 is crazy

Then 21, Rhiannon moved back to Leeds and spent three months deciding what to do with her life.

She says: "I was receiving a few messages saying ‘you should start an OnlyFans’ because I already had a decent following on Instagram and was posting lingerie and bikini photos.

"Back then OnlyFans wasn’t as big as it is now, so I didn’t know what people were talking about at first. Then one day, I decided to just go for it.

"I was living with my parents at the time and they were really supportive.

"They’re open minded people and they're really proud of everything I’ve been able to do because of OnlyFans. I don't think there's anything to be ashamed about."


Rhiannon's highest earning month was $32,000 (£23,500) and she's on track to earn $300,000 (£220,000) this year.

She says: "I recently earned an $1,000 (£730) tip for half an hour's work. I did a one-on-one call with a man who likes dominatrix women.

"I didn't even have to get undressed, just speak awful to him, although I did have to get up at a crazy time because he lives in the US.

"All my friends in the industry panicked when lockdown hit. We thought  ‘no’one’s going to have any money' but actually it's the opposite and the industry's booming.

"Since lockdown, I've been making $20,000 (£14,700) to $30,000 (£22,000) a month."

Rhiannon charges $12.99 a month (£9.50) for her subscription service, to which she currently has over 2,000 people signed up.

There, she posts four to eight photos-a-day, which are normally implied topless, in the style of 90s Page 3 shoots.

She then offers premium content twice-a-week, ranging from topless photos to role play videos and foot fetish clips, and charges up to $100 (£73.50) a pop for those.

Rhiannon says: "I jumped on the platform before it blew up, which helped me grow quicker. Nowadays, everyone knows what OnlyFans is.

"I get a lot of girls messaging me for advice who are quitting their jobs or leaving uni degrees. They’ll say ‘I’ve seen this story about a girl who made loads of money so I’m going to drop everything and do OnlyFans’.

"They’ll post a picture and expect to just make money but it doesn't work like that – I work stupidly hard, seven days-a-week.

"I’m also posting three YouTube videos a week, four or five TikToks-a-day; I post on Twitter and Instagram every day and do stories.

"That's how OnlyFans works, the more you put in, the more you get out. When I'm ill and have to take a few days off, you do see a dip in your earnings."

Rhiannon is in a three-year relationship with a 28-year-old electrician, who she doesn't want to name, and says he's totally supportive of her career.

She explains: "When we were first dating, I wasn't working so he was taking me out a lot and I felt really bad.

"One evening, I mentioned OnlyFans and he said 'yeah I think you should do it'.

"That was the nod of approval I needed, I'd been thinking about doing it for months but I was too nervous. I ended up creating my account that night.

"My boyfriend's very supportive and if he wasn't, I wouldn't be with him, because I'm making money and doing well for myself.

"We both trust each other and I’m never sneaky with my phone, I’ll leave it lying around and he can go on it if he wants.

"He's taken some photos for me in the past but I do the majority on my own. He's not great at taking content and he doesn't have a lot of patience for it."

I’ve always been good at saving money. A lot of girls spend their cash on designer bags or cars

Rhiannon and her boyfriend bought a house together two years ago, which they're now selling.

But because she was newly self-employed, she wasn't applicable for a mortgage and her name was left off the documents, despite her paying half for everything.

So when they got a bigger place, Rhiannon decided she wanted to do it alone and put down a 40 per cent deposit on her dream house – with every penny coming from OnlyFans.

She moved in four weeks ago, having bought the place fully furnished, and lives there with her boyfriend.

Rhiannon says: "I wanted to do this for myself and have a house in my own name.

"I love OnlyFans but it’s not going to be a long-term career. I might stop if I started a family, or the site might just disappear.

"I’ve always been good at saving money. A lot of girls spend their cash on designer bags or cars but I’ve saved since day one and I’m very glad I did.

"Because now at 24, I’ve been able to put a big chunk down on a house, with no help from parents or my partner.

"Now my goal is to pay off this house in four or five years, as well as getting some properties to rent out – as a second form of income.

"I want to buy two flats in Leeds next month, then I'll keep adding properties whenever I can."

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