I bought a John Lewis returns pallet and bagged a £2k coffee machine and a £450 Dyson Air Wrap

A WOMAN bought a pallet full of electricals that had been returned to John Lewis – and she managed to get her hands on a £1,999 coffee machine and a £450 Dyson Air Wrap.

This is the second time YouTuber Emily Canham has bought a John Lewis returns pallet, and she was pretty successful the last time she did it, too. 

This time around, she explained exactly how the process works: you see a list of what’s contained in the pallet and you buy it based on that, but you have no idea if any of the items are in working condition.

“You order the pallet, you know what’s in there, but you don’t know whether they work or not.

“So, there is a list that you see but you have no idea what condition they’re in.”

This time, the YouTuber asked her mum to pick the pallet of returned items, so she didn’t even know what she’d be receiving.

She warned: “It’s a big risk.”

The company she bought the pallet from, William George Auctions, stress on their website that they can’t verify the condition of any of the items.

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The most expensive item in Emily’s return pallet haul was the Sage Oracle Touch – a £1,999 coffee machine.

She could tell immediately that the coffee machine had been used, as she could smell residual coffee on the machine.

Though the machine had been used, it didn’t seem to be faulty, and turned on easily once Emily plugged it in.

Among the expensive items she received was a SMEG coffee machine, which is worth £199.95 at John Lewis – but its condition was far from perfect.

“This one is quite badly chipped on the side, I would be disappointed if I paid for it and it was chipped like that”, Emily said.

However, the item did appear to be in working condition when she plugged it in.

She also got a £200 Sage coffee machine and a Nespresso machine, worth £169.99 when bought new.

And although she got her hands on a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner, she immediately noticed that part of the machine had snapped, making it faulty.

Next up was a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, which is sold for £299.99 at John Lewis. At least after an initial test, this item seemed to work perfectly.

Just like in her last John Lewis return pallet haul, Emily received a Dyson Air Wrap, and it also worked during an initial test.

“I mean, it works perfectly!” Emily said.

She got a Shark hand-held hoover, but noticed almost immediately that something had snapped, causing the nozzle to bend. 



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Despite some faulty items, Emily was happy overall with her risky pallet purchase.

She said: “My favourite things are definitely the Sage Oracle Touch, the Nespresso machine, the Air Wrap, Dyson hair dryer. I think I might keep the Dyson hair dryer for myself!"

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