I bought the same outfits the mannequins were dressed in at Primark – I thought they'd be hideous but I was surprised | The Sun

A PRIMARK fan decided to see if the outfits the mannequins wear actually look any good.

Ann-Marie bought four different trendy looks from her local Primark store and the results shocked her.

Posting the haul on YouTube, Ann-Marie explained she wanted to try on the exact same outfits as the mannequins because she thought no one would ever actually wear some of the looks.

"Recently some of the outfits on the mannequins have been a bit on the mark, it's like, would you really wear that in real life out in public? Probably not," she said.

First up, the fashion fan tried a bright green look which might be a bit too much for the average shopper, but once she tried it on she was shocked by how look it looked.

The look included a green mini skirt, which she bagged for £10,a matching green roll-neck for £5 and a striped knit top, which was £8.


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"I actually think it's a really cute outfit," she said, but admitted she probably "wouldn't wear it because it's very very green."

The only problem was the crop top wouldn't stay tucked into the skirt when she tried it on, which wasn't a problem for the mannequin.

Next, the fashionista tried a bright summer look, but confessed she would never have chose it normally.

The hot pink satin trousers, £16, were a bit too bright and the orange shit, £13, was a no-no for the same reason.

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She styled the look exactly the same as the mannequin with a lacey bralette underneath, leaving her impressed.

"Out of all the outfits I've picked up this would be the least likely to pick up for myself, but I actually really like it," she raved.

Ann-Marie added that on the mannequin it wasn't obvious the shirt was a cropped style, which she wouldn't have gone normally gone for.

Another great holiday pick, she also re-created more simple look featuring an orange mini dress, which she bagged for £8, along with a gold chain belt for £7.

Since bodycon dresses are something the Primark fan avoids the outfit was a bit out of her comfort zone, but it looked stunning when she tried it on.

The stretchy material meant even though the dress was tight it wasn't uncomfortable and the belt added a glam touch.

"I played it safe with this one," she said

But the next look was just as trendy – a denim mini skirt and a powder blue shirt tied to make it cropped.

The skirt was a total bargain at £10 and the shirt was priced at £14.

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Anne-Marie confessed it wasn't her style so she probably wouldn't wear it together, but she was "surprised" by how much she liked the denim skirt.

She said: "Let me tell you the denim skirt is making a comeback."

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