I feel guilty for my son's name but he's three so it's too late to change – I feel weird when I introduce him to people | The Sun

A GUILT-RIDDEN mum has revealed she doesn’t like her son’s name… but it’s too late to change it.

The three-year-old boy has a name that her husband chose when she was straight out of her C-Section.

Her husband is Irish and chose the name Cillian in affinity with his culture. 

However, the upset mum doesn’t like the name and feels “weird” whenever she has to introduce him to people. 

She took to Mumsnet to seek advice from other women, in which she expressed she doesn’t like the name and asked if it will get easier to accept the name as he gets older.

The mum penned: “I wouldn't normally do a post like this but I'm really struggling with my son's name and I just need a place to vent.

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“He is nearly three-years-old and there is nothing I can do about it now. 

“We couldn't agree on names and I ended up agreeing to my husband’s favourite straight after a C-Section. 

“I had so much regret the year after he was born but could never quite bring myself to change it. 

“I think if my husband had known I would still be agonising over it three years later he would have let me change it.”

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She continued: “I love names and have been thinking about them since I was a young girl.

“To not have been able to use my favourite names has really got to me. 

“My son's name is Cillian. It has a K sound for those that don't know.”

She went on to explain they she felt “weird” whenever she introduced her tot to people, adding: “I feel regret that I can't introduce a name I love. 

“There are so many names I love. 

“I adore my little boy so much and feel a lot of guilt about this.”

Other mums flocked to the comments to show solidarity with her and express their likening for the name.

One penned: “It’s just a perfectly normal name, so you have no reason to feel guilty. 

“When you introduce him to people they won’t be thinking ‘wtf is that name’.

“It’s just his name. 

“It might not be to your personal preference but there’s nothing extreme or ugly about it. 

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“If you have named him something random like ‘dog’ it would be different, but you’ve just given him a normal name, it’s fine.”

Others called the name “gorgeous” and thought its Gaelic roots were something worth celebrating.

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