I found a creepy safe under the carpet in my boyfriend’s grandma’s house – we weren’t happy with what was inside | The Sun

HAVE you ever made a spooky discovery in your home?

A woman revealed on TikTok how she found a creepy locked safe hidden under the carpet of her boyfriend’s grandma’s house – and wasn’t happy with what was inside.

In a clip that has racked up four million views, Rosie, who posts under @wearsrosie, shared the moment they found the bizarre item.

She said: “Guys, we are at my boyfriend’s grandma’s house.

“She’s moving out and we are helping move all of her stuff out and there is a sunken safe in the floor and we need to get it open.”

Rosie showed her boyfriend pulling back a carpet to reveal the mystery safe underneath.

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She added: “It’s locked and they’ve lived here 20 odd years and they’ve never opened it.”

The boyfriend clarified that the grandma didn’t install it and it was there before she moved in.

He said: “Apparently she knew it was here this entire time and never bothered to open it.”

Rosie joked: “I 100 per cent think there is something in it.”

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The couple failed to pick the lock themselves, so called a locksmith to open it for them.

When the moment of truth came, Carrie said she was full of suspense – but it was all in vain as sadly the safe was empty.

She said: “That’s the end of the safe saga, sorry.”

Many people said they were also let down, with one saying: “I'm actually so disappointed that it's empty.”

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Another added: “I would die instantly when open and it's empty.”

A third commented: “But still an amazing find.”

And one person joked: “Put a letter in saying ‘it was me, I’ll take my secret to the grave’ and don’t tell the next people about it.”

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