I got the worst manicure of my life after nail tech refused to do my design – people say it’s my fault but I’m so upset | The Sun

READY to see in the New Year with a fresh set of nails, one woman was left mortified by her nail tech’s botched job. 

Emily Mosby decided to channel neutral tones with a hint of glam for her first set of the year. 

The make-up artist asked for brown french tips with pretty jewels dotted around the nails… but she got way worse than she bargained for.

The nail tech immediately told the mum-of-two that she couldn’t have that many jewels as it would be “too much” and get in the way of her mum duties.

The brazen nail tech instead created a design far from Emily’s vision which went horribly wrong by the time she got home.

With no french tip in sight, each nail was fully brown but lumpy and uneven as the gel hadn’t been cured properly. 

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Taking to Tik Tok, Emily shared: “I can’t make this up.

“This is what I asked for – just a brown french tip with some jewels on it. 

“She immediately told me no and that that many jewels with having kids – because I had my five-year-old daughter with me – it would just be too much.

“And it would snag on everything and whatever.

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“So, I told her, ‘ok, just the ring finger can have diamonds on it then’.”

Emily went on to show her manicure which showed nails sprouting off in different directions, lumpy gel and messily stuck on jewels.

Some of the nails had already started to chip in places.

She added: “I truly wish I was kidding but no, these are it. 

“I got home and the gel started to peel off and bubble up. 

“I’ve never, ever had that happen before.”

Despite Emily’s awful experience at the nail salon, everyone had the same question – why didn’t she say something at the time?

One person asked: “Why does no one know how to stick up for themselves when they are paying for a service?”

Another echoed: “It mind boggles me how many women let all ten nails get done and NOT say a word! 

“I wouldn't let them continue after the first nail.”

Addressing everyone's reservations in the video, Emily said she wanted to confront the nail tech but just couldn’t bring herself to.

She explained: “I just can’t.

“It makes me so uncomfortable. 

“And yes, I even tipped her $20.”

Nail buffs explained that the reason her gel was lumpy was because the nail tech hadn’t cured it under the UV light properly. 

Gel polish is made up of acrylic oligomers and monomers which bond together when under UV light – turning the gel into a hard coating that grips to the nails. 

Luckily, Emily went back to the nail salon to have her talons re-done.

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On the second visit, she was given brown french tips but no rhinestones. 

People told her it was good that the nail tech fixed them but advised she never visit that place again.

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