I had the hairdresser from Hell… she left me with so many patches on my head, I had to wear a wig for days on end | The Sun

VISITING the hairdresser is supposed to be an enjoyable experience – not one that leaves you having to wear a wig for days on end.

Unfortunately, it is the latter that one TikTok user, Manuela (@igbobarbie_), had to resort to after a ''hairstylist from Hell'' completely botched her locks.

Sharing the mortifying hair horror story on TikTok, the beauty lover claimed the end result was so bad, she was seriously considering taking things to court.

''I think I may have to sue for this dye job cause there's no reason she did me dirty like this.''

At first, Manuela explained in her video, things were off to a good start.

But unfortunately, it all took a sharp turn soon afterwards – and not for the better.

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''We ran out of dye cause she didn't tell me that one box wouldn't be enough… So I had to go to the market and tie a scarf because my hair was not looking good at all.''

Then, once she had managed to find a product of a similar colour, Manuela returned to the salon where she got the second round of bleach.

Realising she was also in a desperate need for a haircut, the young woman then dashed off to have her curls trimmed somewhere else.

''I thought the haircut looked okay.

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''I went home thinking everything was okay – only for me to see how patchy and horrible this hear was,'' the mortified beauty lover revealed the tragic aftermath.

''Is this woman not a demon?

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''I’ve had to wear wigs for the past 3 days bc [because] of that witch,'' Manuela continued in the caption.

With more than 2.1million views, the clip has gone viral on the social media platform and hundreds flocked to comments expressing their horror.

''From the time she asked you to get box dye,'' one pointed out to the red flags.

Someone else was just as baffled: ''Why go to a professional who is having you purchase the color and box dye at that. so many red flags.''

A third chuckled at the fail, writing: ''cheetah girl.''

Since the horrific disaster, Manuela's visited an ''actual professional'' who fixed the fail.

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