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HAVING two jobs is nothing new, but one woman has shared online her two different jobs that have people loving the transformation.

Proving that woman can do it all, she shared a quick video of herself going from her plain Scrubs to her Hooters uniforms and looking equally as fantastic.

TikTok user Ang Peceri enjoys posting content about the daily happenings in her life, which includes her relationships and career.

In one video, she gives viewers a glimpse into the dual sides of her life, where she wears scrubs at one job before shifting into her second job as a Hooters Girl.

Peceri also posts other Hooters-related content that gives a behind-the-scenes look into how she spends her time working at the dining establishment.

Appropriately captioned, "2 jobs, 2 veryyy different uniforms," the young woman works hard to support herself.

The video begins with Peceri standing in front of the camera in what appears to be a bathroom.

She dons navy blue scrubs, a black fleece jacket, and white athletic sneakers with her work badge clipped to her right hip.

The content creator nonchalantly dances, as the popular TikTok audio of musical artist SZA's verse in the song "Kiss Me More" plays.

With an on-beat point of her finger, Peceri effectively transitions from her health professional attire to the statement Hooters Girl ensemble, complete with orange shorts, a white tank, tights, and Skechers sneakers.

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Her ability to effectively maneuver from one look to the next seems to be an indicator of how the young professional works in her daily life.

Judging by her confident nature and big smile in the TikTok video, Peceri seems to be very proud of herself.

Many viewers expressed their support and admiration for her work ethic in the comment section of the video.

"Get you a girl that can do both!" one viewer commented.

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