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A WOMAN who lives in a council house has shared how she made her bathroom look more posh with cheap bargains from B&M.

TikTok user 61 Our Council House (@61thecouncilhouse) proved you don't necessarily need to fork out a fortune for an easy home transformation.

According to the woman, who's a fan of the retailer B&M, it's all about inexpensive buys and getting rid of any plastic packaging.

The savvy shopper took to TikTok to reveal the Before and After of her bathroom – and we're obsessed.

At the start of the video, the bargain lover showed a rather messy-looking windowsill by the shower – there was a shower gel, shampoo and a bottle of conditioner.

To give it a more cohesive feel, she headed to B&M, where she picked up affordable bits – a wooden tray for £4 and three glass bottles for £3 each.

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After her mini shopping haul was over, the woman went home and poured each of the showering liquids into the bottles.

An extra tip, she added in the comments, is to add a waterproof label so you'd know which one is shampoo, conditioner or your shower gel.

Placed on the cheap wooden tray, the bargain buys looked fantastic – and social media users couldn't get over how easy yet effective it was.

One woman chuckled: ''omg why ..I think my husband may divorce me if 1 more tray comes in this house.''

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''too lazy to be faffing about decanting into different bottles but it does look lovely,'' a TikTok fan was stunned.

Someone else reckoned: ''don't use wood, it will be moldy in 1 week.''

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''No way. They’re wobbly. There will be water all pooled at the bottom of the wooden tray and they will be gloopy,'' another added.

Recently, another woman attempted to update her flooring using B&M buys – but people reckoned it wouldn't last.

Kiera took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself updating the flooring in her kitchen, using a roll of vinyl from the discount store.

"Attempting to lay B&M flooring in my council kitchen," she wrote over the top of the video.

She cut it all to size around the appliances in her kitchen, and the pink cupboards, before hitting a bit of a road block.

"I don't know why I thought I'd be capable of joining two rolls," she said.

But she managed it in the end, and then said she just had to seal the edges of the floor.

"I'm done till the dog ruins it!" Kiera said.

And while the finished effect looked super stylish, people in the comments section were quick to point out that it might not last very long.

"For the love of god don’t buy B&M flooring it’s cheap garbage and you’ll end up changing it again," one wrote.

"I have this flooring it’s nice but goes yellow over time," another added.

As a third commented: "Mine's gone weird in bathroom really disappointed."

"I'm getting this one too and need 2 is it easy to lay?" another asked.

With Kiera replying: "It wasn’t too bad, it’s the random corners in my room and the fact I continued it to my back door which made it difficult."

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"how are people getting council houses so quick?? I've waited years," someone else complained.

"I’ve lived here 12 years now same kitchen just updated the look," Kiera responded.

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