I lived on Jägerbombs & cocaine as a holiday rep – now I'm a millionaire with three homes after 'thinking myself rich'

DRINKING six nights a week and partying aboard seemed like a dream job to Noor Hibbert – but her wild lifestyle was merely a mask for her deep-rooted unhappiness. 

She spent six years working as an 18-30s club rep and manager but the nights out took a toll, leaving her with heart palpitations, extreme anxiety and insomnia.

Her decision to work abroad followed years of bullying at school, a mentally abusive ex and feeling ”inadequate” as she struggled to complete her degree in psychology. 

Now the mum, who lives in Rotherham, laughs as she thinks back to those times because she's a completely different person – she now owns three homes and is worth more than £1million.

Noor, 35, who lives in Rotherham, has published a book You Only Live Once revealing how she used the "power of thought" to launch a successful beard oil business and later become a transformation coach.

She tells Sun Online: “As a lot of people do in their early twenties, I was experimenting and partying with drugs and alcohol but it was really messing with me.

“It was all a way to escape because I wasn’t happy in my real life but it was all having dreadful effects on my body.

“I had heart palpitations, the most horrific anxiety, involuntary leg spasms and ultimately it made me feel worse than ever before.

“I wasn’t in control of my life and now I realise everything bad that happened to me was a result of what I thought and believing life was against me.

“I was a victim of my own life and experiences but now I understand I am in control of creating my life, what happens to me and my future.

“I’ve generated more than £2million in revenue and actually hit £1million in net worth, which is very strange to say it out loud. It’s so very, very surreal.”

Bullying, binge-drinking and boyfriend heartache

Noor’s difficulties began at nine years old while living in Wimbledon, South London, when a close friend admitted she had been sexually abused by a family member.

Being unable to tell anyone about the attacks combined with bullying at school – where kids mocked her name and the size of her eyebrows – left her feeling like an "outcast".

By 16, her feelings of inadequacy were compounded when she was dumped by her first love and started dating a man who was five years older than her.

During their relationship, he became increasingly possessive and at one point threw a pint of beer over her because he claimed she was “flirting” with a friend.

At Cardiff University, she struggled with her psychology degree and found an outlet in binge drinking and drug-taking before deciding to escape it all and work as a club rep. 

Noor said: “I spent my twenties drowning myself in Jägerbombs and cocaine trying to find myself… I was dispirited and had no clue what I wanted from life.

“One night I was feeling anxious after an argument with someone and so I decided to take sleeping pills but I had also drunk a lot of alcohol.

“I started to feel really funny and became quite scared, I thought I was going to die – I thought, ‘What have I done!’”

Her feelings of hopelessness continued while working as a club rep – including stints in Ibizia, Magaluf and more – where she continued to drink excessively.

In 2010, Noor met her future husband Richard, who was one of her guests, and eventually moved back to the UK after becoming pregnant.

After giving birth to her first daughter, she was forced to balance a 40-hour working week in sales with studying for her postgraduate diploma and adapting to life with a newborn.

Shock pregnancy news that changed everything

In 2012, while 31 weeks pregnant with her second of four children, Noor was given a concerning prognosis by doctors.

She was going into early labour and her child would be born prematurely due to her stressful lifestyle. 

Noor recalled: “I was terrified, the last thing I wanted was for my baby to go into intensive care and doctors told me there was a bed ready and waiting for her. 

“I sat in the hospital bed and told my baby, ‘Please stay in and I will slow down and quit my job and figure out a way to be at home with you because this is not working for me’.

“When she didn’t come early and I was sent home from the hospital, I quit my job the next day and focussed on building my business. 

“Something in me just shifted, like a little switch went off in my brain, and it was non-negotiable, I was going to create my own freedom and that was the start of my transformation.”

Noor developed a range of beard oil products, which were featured in GQ and Tatler, and sold just over £100,000 of products during her first year.

“I was looking to make £500 a month so I could have the freedom to be with my daughters – so to do so well was beyond my wildest dreams,” she explained.

Noor tried to work out why she had succeeded with that business compared to other previous failed attempts and also listened to audiobooks by successful entrepreneurs.

Now, as a life coach, she teaches others her tips and has more than 1,700 clients, who she instructs through online videos.

Making millions, three homes & lots of holidays

In the past year alone she's made around £800,000 in revenue.

She has three homes – in Rotherham, Sheffield and Egypt – and is looking buy a fourth in the coming months.

Despite her success, Noor insists the most important thing is having more time with her family to make memories. 

She said: “I’m not really someone who cares for designer handbags or watches, I care for experiences and the freedom money gives us.

“I don’t have to miss out on things, we’re available to be with our kids and travel – last year we went away four times and this year we've had three breaks already.

If I can do it, anybody can but it requires you to step up for your life because it’s not going to happen by just sitting at home and wishing it will change

“We’re focussed on experiences and making memories with our children because life is too short and as my book teaches you only live once.”

Noor recently released her second book, where she shares the secrets to changing your life through the power of the mind and positive thinking.

It follows her first release Just F*cking Do It two years ago, which sold more than 65,000 copies and became an Amazon bestseller six times. 

Noor insists anyone can achieve success by following her tips.

She said: “I am not special, I am made from the same skin and bones as you. I have blood running through my veins, not unicorn glitter.

“If I can do it anybody can but it requires you to step up for your life because it’s not going to happen by just sitting at home wishing it will change – you have to take action.

“It’s often scary, there are challenges and obstacles. I’ve fallen on my face many times and made a lot of mistakes along the way but the rewards are phenomenal.”

You Only Live One: Find Your Purpose. Make Life Count is published by John Murray Learning and is available for £14.99. 

Five steps to change your life

NOOR Hibbert claims the key to changing your life lies in altering your mindset. Here are her top tips: 

  1. Get a clear vision of what you truly want and be honest. Write a list of all of the things you want from your life. Do this for your work ambitions, family dreams, how you want your life to be outside of work and more. Now write what you don't want from your life. You need to know who you are, your goals and your dreams.
  2. Understand what has held you back before. Things like, ‘I want more money, but…’. are important, as they help you to understand the obstacles and why you did not have achieve your goals in the past. By finding out what those 'buts' are, you will understand your belief system and things that could have held you back.
  3. Make a commitment to changing those beliefs. To change you need to think differently and challenge the thoughts about yourself and why you didn't succeed before. You need to re-programme your mind and create an identity of success and stop whenever you doubt yourself or think negative thoughts. You are in control of what you think and the way you think often leads you to act in a certain way. By challenging your negative thoughts and believing you will be successful, you will act differently as a by-product.
  4. Recognise and tune into 'Universe FM'. If you’re continuously complaining, criticising or feeling like a victim you will be stuck in a negative way of thinking. You are enough and you need to learn to pivot your perspective to being more grateful. Life is there to support you rather than to go against you. Shifting that energy will help you to take action towards what you want.
  5. Take risks and trust your intuition. Whether you're guided by inspiration, lightbulb ideas or gut feelings trust it. You have to believe in yourself by going down that journey. That’s what I did, there were plenty of mistakes along the way but if you continue to chase your dream you will become a success.

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