I never wear a bra but it’s gross when pervy men stare when I go out – I always notice and it’s totally unacceptable | The Sun

A WOMAN who chooses to go braless beneath her tight tops has slammed the "disgusting perverts" who try and sneak a peek when she goes out.

Maria took to TikTok to share a video of herself in a long-sleeved black top and low-slung cargo trousers.

"Catching men looking at my boobs when I voluntarily choose to wear a tight shirt with no bra," she wrote over the top.

In the clip, she lip synced along to a voiceover saying: "I saw that, you disgusting pervert.

"That’s absolutely unacceptable."

"If you consider urself a woman, ur acceptable," Maria added in the video caption.

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"This is so real," one person wrote in the comments section.

"And that’s why I still wear one because I am not ready to handle the stares," another added.

"I wish I could tho."

"it's your body," someone else wrote.

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"nobody should be staring at you.

"This same logic is used by men in other countries to force us to cover up."

"wearing a tight shirt with no bra still doesn't justify any staring or excessive looking," another insisted.

"You aren't an object to admire, ur a person."

While another added: "It's the reason I wear bras, cause the moment I don't, they're gonna see the piercings and say some stupid s**t about me wanting to be looked at."

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