I paid £5,000 and flew to Turkey for my new nose – everyone stared at me on the flight home but I couldn’t care less | The Sun

A RING girl has revealed that everyone stared at her on a plane home from Turkey… because she’d gone on holiday for a nose job. 

Olivia Bracy has been candid about her rhinoplasty experience on social media and even recorded people gawking at her on her flight home. 

However, the model is unbothered by people’s opinions because she is “over the moon” with her new nose. 

Olivia took viewers along with her to clinical appointments once in Turkey to get her new nose, building a loyal fanbase invested in her surgery.

And since the operation, she has given updates on her recovery. 

In a recent video on Tik Tok, Olivia removed her second load of bandages herself.

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She was back home in Manchester and advised by her foreign doctor to do this at home two weeks after the operation. 

Picking at the tape, she explained: “This is the second bandage that my surgeon put on for me that he wanted me to keep on for one week.

“So I wasn’t allowed to shower or get my nose wet and I had to keep the same bandage on for one week.

“It’s now two weeks post-op and I am removing the second bandage.”

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Some of Olivia’s videos have totted up over half a million views, meaning people were invested in what her new nose looked like under the bandages.

While peeling the tape off her face, she said: “Bear in mind, when you get your nose done, it takes six months to show the real results.”

This is because the face remains swollen as it heals. 

One out of the bandage and having washed her face, Olivia beamed about her new look.

Posing into the camera, she said: “This is my nose so far.

“So this is two-weeks post-op and I’ve still got swelling, I can see the swelling.

“It’s going to be a lot thinner when it’s done.

“But I’m still absolutely over the moon with the results so far.

“I’m literally so, so happy with it.

“It is the cutest.”

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Fans flocked to the comments to compliment her new nose, calling it “stunning” and “perfect”.

One woman penned: “By the far the best nose job I’ve ever seen.”

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