I saved £1,000 in my bedroom makeover with £20 product – here's how I did it | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has revealed how she saved £1,000 on her bedroom makeover using a £20 product.

Lynda Chadwick, 55, took inspiration from a Facebook DIY group and has shared the handy hack that she used to get her dream furniture for just a fraction of the price.

Lynda recalled that she decided to take on the project after a three-year period of illness due to a tumour in her parathyroid gland.

However, the long time she spent unable to work due to her condition meant that she was on a strict budget.

That's where her clever tip came in to help her save big.

Lynda explained: "I am part of the Facebook group DIY Homes On A Budget and I kept an eye on makeovers others were doing that I liked. I also love watching home makeovers on the TV so that also inspired me.


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"I really wanted black solid wood furniture, but when I looked online I realised how expensive it was. It was £1,000 just for a large wardrobe.

"I began to think about how to get the effect I wanted on a budget, and came up with the solution – painting my wooden furniture, as it was solid pine."

Despite warnings from some friends that black furniture would "ruin the room", the determined home decorator ploughed on and snapped up a tin of black matte durable paint from B&Q.

She added: "It’s amazing – I only used one tin for all of the furniture, and it only cost £20.

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"I had a solid chest of drawers that I painted as well as the wardrobe, and I also bought some tall, thin wardrobes from Facebook Marketplace for £15 to paint."

Lynda then finished off the furniture with half a £12 tin of wax to give it a sleek finish.

She also set about redesigning her clock with a similar DIY attitude.

After painting over the existing face, she stuck on some wooden numbers she had bought for £14 and buffed up the metal casing with £1 ink pads.

On top of the wardrobe, she placed some banana boxes from the local supermarket covered in a throw matching the one on her bed, rounding out the room nicely without breaking the bank.

Lynda was thrilled with the way the transformation went, saying: "As I surveyed the room with the black furniture, the boxes on top of the wardrobe and the brightened-up clock I decided to leave the walls white as it all looked lovely together. 

"Now the room is complete and feels so much better. It cost me hardly anything – I just recycled what I had, and bought second-hand bargains on Facebook.

"I’m glad I stuck to my idea of black paint for the furniture as I have managed to pull it off."

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