I spend hours cleaning my house twice a day & wipe floors on my hands & knees – people tell me I’m an inspiration | The Sun

HOW often do you clean your house? 

As children, most of us watched our mums whip out the hoover and anti-bac on a Sunday for a huge spritz of the whole home. 

Now we’re all grown up with homes of our own, did we take their habits with us? 

Thanks to the power of TV we’ve seen some of the cleanest and dirtiest residences in the world to keep us reaching for the feather duster.

But there’s one housewife who’s knocked us all for six with her jaw-dropping methods. 

Northern mum Kaye Marie is a self-confessed clean freak who spends hours a day making sure her home is spick and span. 

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She’s got 250,000 followers on TikTok who watched every single tip and trick she shares – and they call her an inspiration.

In a recent video, Kaye summarises her typical morning and evening cleaning routine. 

She captions the clip: “Welcome to the mad house. A typical day for me cleaning wise.”

Kaye begins her video in her bedroom, which features a posh chandelier and crisp white bedding. 

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She starts with a confession: “I don’t clean windows, door frames or skirting boards on a daily basis.” 

The busy mum then shows followers what a typical day looks like at her house.

“I am slightly regimental. I have a morning routine and an evening routine,” Kaye confesses. “We never let it slide.

“In the morning I get up and make the bed, wipe around and clean everything down in the bathroom.

“We always hoover from top to bottom and we never go a day without cleaning the shower screen. And the toilet obviously.”

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Kaye says her ‘morning reset’ takes about 45 minutes for the upstairs. This includes bleaching the floors, shining the radiators and making sure the space is spotless. 

She then moves downstairs to continue her clip.

“I get down and clean the floor on my hands and knees. In the evening I’ll generally do a bit of ironing if it needs doing,” she adds. 

“I’m an organised freak. Everything has a place and as long as I can remember I’ll always get our outfits out for the next day. 

“Then it’s dinner on, throw the hoover round, clean the floor and wipe round. 

“Because I clean my downstairs in the evening, in the morning there’s never much to do but the breakfast dishes.”

To some, Kaye’s cleaning routine might seem like an exhausting task. But most of her fans think it’s incredible. 

“Serious question – what gives you the motivation? I need some of that,” replied one impressed user. 

Kaye responded: “I honestly have no idea. I think I’m just really house proud, babe. I feel so much better relaxing in a clean house.”

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“Cleaning inspiration right there,” gushed a second.

“I need you to come to my house,” joked a third.

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