I started my Christmas shopping on Boxing Day and have already finished it – plus I bought every gift for half price – The Sun

AN EXTREMELY organised mum has revealed how she’s nearly completed all her Christmas shopping six months before the big day.

Although some may see it as extreme, the savvy shopper said doing it ahead of time has saved her nearly 50 per cent off every purchase.

The mum posted photos on a budgeting Facebook group of her bed covered in presents to give her loved ones in December.

She revealed how she has “stockpiled” gifts from different sales over the year, and even started her bargain-hunting in the Boxing Day sales.

She captioned the photo: “I only managed to get half of it on the bed, this is just family, teachers' gifts and presents for friends and their families.

“My rule of thumb is whatever I buy for this stockpile has to be 50 per cent off or more.”

The Australian mum said that she has to immediately wrap any gifts she buys and then stores them in the garage, including her December 26 purchases.

She added: “I start in the Boxing Day sales, I bought all of the gift packs at Priceline and bought some really cute kids presents at Big W and Target, then I watch the sales all year.

“Sometimes I find amazing gift packs in Aldi.”


  1. Buy bulk: “We head to Costco and Macro for bigger purchases, which really helps at this time of year. You can save on smaller stuff too — six bottles of Fairy Liquid are £8.99.”
  2. Designer dupes: “I love Yankee candles but they can cost around £20 a time. Instead, we buy B&M’s own range, which look the same. You can get two for £7.99 and they smell lovely and festive.”
  3. Time it right: “We always go to the shops later in the day to make sure we catch the yellow-sticker bargains.”
  4. Double up: “Don’t just go to one big supermarket and do all your food shopping there. We go to Aldi for cheaper bits but the fresh food is better quality and just as cheap at Asda. We find going to two shops makes a big difference.”
  5. Look for space and money savers: “We’ve cut back this year, so instead of a big Christmas tree and lots of ornaments which could cost up to £50, we decided to just have a smaller pop-up tree from Argos (now £20, down from £30) that’s already decorated, and it saves space too.”

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And it seems she isn’t the only person who likes to get Christmas shopping done earlier to save some cash.

Numerous other mums replied to her post, with one saying: “I got a ton of Polly Pockets for $2 (£1) after Christmas.

“Mine just live in containers in the garage. The toys I buy for my kids hide in a car seat box.”

Another mum agreed that people who don’t stockpile presents to save money are “missing out” on big savings.

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