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DRY shampoo is a godsend on those days when you don't have the time to give your locks a wash.

But what if the regular drugstore version doesn't work anymore and you fancy something more natural? Well, the TikTok beauty community has been raving about a DIY corn flour dry shampoo.

There have been countless of tutorials and positive reviews about this cheap hack – but is it actually any good? Does it even compare to the store bought twin?

One beauty enthusiast, Alyssa Marie Pena (@alyssamariepenaa), from the US, decided to see for herself and shared her thoughts on the popular social media platform.

''My hair gets super oily, probably like on the third day of not washing,'' Alyssa explained in her video before dabbing a brush into the homemade mixture.

As the TikTok user has dark hair, she had also added a bit of cocoa powder to make it slightly darker.

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For a more seamless application without loads of residue, Alyssa divided her hair into multiple sections and went over with the fluffy brush.

She then waited five or so minutes before gently brushing her locks – and it's safe to say, Alyssa was stunned by the results.

Not only had the DIY dry shampoo absorbed all the oils, the inexpensive trick had also given her hair loads of volume.

Despite admitting she had gone overboard with the top section, Alyssa gave the hack a very positive review, rating it ''10/10''.

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But whilst she was praising the corn flour mixture, social media users were less than impressed – many reckoned she should've just hopped into the shower.

One commented: ''Girl day 3 just wash it.''

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A professional in the field advised: ''As a hairstylist the best trick is to actually use dry shampoo at night before bed so it soaks it up while sleeping.''

''Just use a baby powder, don’t put food on ur hair,'' read another recommendation.

''See but idk how I feel about my hair smelling like coco powder,'' a TikTok was unsure.

However, if you're loyal to dry shampoo, keep on reading, as one beauty fan recently revealed the right way of spraying it – and it makes all the difference.

Nicole, who to her 54,000 TikTok fans is known for hair tutorials, took to social media, where she shared the trick in a video titled 'One of my best kept dry shampoo secrets'.

Most of us tend to just spray the product right on the top layer of our hair – and if that's you, Nicole urged to stop making this mistake.

Instead, she demonstrated, start with your hair parted and take a small section in the middle.

Whilst holding it and overdirecting it to the other side, grab your favourite dry shampoo and spray it right onto the roots.

''You are going to continue to take sections down your head.

''As you get down, it doesn't matter how thick or big the sections are.

''And when you flip your hair over, it just gives you so much volume,'' she said, before running through with her fingers.

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Sharing the hack, Nichole claimed it would make blending the powder ''a lot easier'' and you won't get any white spots all over your head.

''Next time you use dry shampoo, try this trick!''

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