I uninvited my mom from my wedding because she's giving me a smaller gift than my sisters–it's about more than just cash

NO CHILD wants to feel like they’re the least favorite sibling, but one man couldn’t help but feel that way – and he even had proof.

He claimed his mom is giving him a smaller wedding present than she gave his sisters just because she doesn't approve of his fiancée.

“I want to preface with it is about the money and it is also not about the money,” the man, who shared his story in an anonymous post to Reddit, said at the top of his post.

“It is hurtful to be treated differently, and I know Reddit believes that no one owes anyone anything, but I feel like a mom does owe her kids fair treatment.”

The disappointed son went on to explain that he is getting married in May, and while his dad is paying for his wedding just as he did for his two sisters, his mom offered both sisters a huge sum of cash as a present while she offered him nothing.

“I don't want to get into exact numbers but it was extremely generous and probably more than the down payment of a house,” he noted.

The groom explained that the snub is due to his mom’s disapproval of the fact that his fiancée has $80,000 in student loans to her name, while he has none because he was fortunate enough to have his parents pay for his college education.

The groom was so upset that he admitted to confronting his mom and warning her that her actions are intolerable and that she will suffer consequences for her favoritism.

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“My mom explained that both of my brothers-in-law have no debt, so the money was to start a future, but she knows if she gives me the money it will go to the loan (true) and she feels she shouldn't be responsible for someone's else's kid’s college education,” the man recalled.

“I tried to explain that paying down that debt as soon as possible is in the best interest of my future.”

The poster’s mother said she discussed the issue with her husband and they both decided it was best not to offer them money and she would not be changing her mind.

Then the poster revealed his ultimate decision: He would be uninviting his mother from the wedding.

“She doesn't like my fiancée.

“She doesn't care about my future as much as my sisters’. 

“She is playing favorites with her kids,” he reasoned. 

He admitted that his whole family is furious and his sisters threatened that they would not come to the wedding if their mother was not invited, but he ultimately feels like he made the best decision. 

“My fiancée actually teared up because she feels so supported, and this does hurt but that has to be my priority,” he concluded.

While the poster was confident in his decision, the internet seemed to be much more indecisive about the matter.

“​​Yes, paying off the loans is an investment in your future, too. But think of it this way,” one Reddit user opposing the groom suggested.

“If your sisters' marriages collapse, they get a 'refund' on that investment (part of a house or equivalent value even if it's in joint names), with which they can comfortably recover and start again. 

“What do you get back from the loan repayment if you and your soon-to-be wife split up?”

However, another reader felt uneasy about the situation, saying: “This just sounds like: ‘You didn’t choose a rich wife so you get less money because I don't want to pay for a poor person’s loans.’”

A third person who sympathized with both sides said there should be a compromise.

“Agree that you will actually put the money toward a down payment on a home instead of paying off the loans. 

“You still get the gift but your mother doesn’t feel her gift is, in her mind, being ‘misused,’” they reasoned.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a bride or groom has uninvited a family member from their wedding. 

Another Reddit user previously claimed that he uninvited his sister from his special day but she showed up in a white dress anyway.

Even more questionable, a bride threatened to not invite her parents to her wedding if they did not help financially.

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