I want to use my guilty pleasure name for my baby but I'm not sure I'm brave enough – people say it's crazy | The Sun

ALL parents will know that choosing a name for your child is a very challenging decision to make.

It’s such an important decision, you want it to be perfect – right?

While some parents may go down the traditional name route, others may decide to choose something slightly more unusual. 

One mum-to-be is undecided on her unborn child’s name, and has taken to Mumsnet for advice on whether it’s acceptable to name her child after her “guilty pleasure.”

Taking to the forum, the mum explained she’s currently 16 weeks pregnant with a boy – who will be her only child, due to “previous traumatic losses.”

The expectant mother revealed that she is struggling to choose a name and is unsure whether to name her child after her "guilty pleasure" – her favourite chocolate bar.  

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She said: “Has anyone used their guilty pleasure name and if so, did it work out or did you regret it?

“I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with a boy. 

“This will be an only child, due to previous traumatic losses I’m requesting a tubal during my planned C-section.

“I’ve always loved the name Mars, since I was a teenager but never thought I would be brave enough to use it. 

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“Now I’m pregnant, I just don’t love any other boy name. 

“My husband has an uncommon name and has had a positive experience so he is all for it.

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“I’ve casually mentioned it to my sister and a few friends and have had all positive responses.

“Would it be crazy?

“For extra context I’m an Australian who lives in America so there are no Mars Bars here.”

Mumsnet users were left divided over the mum using her guilty pleasure name. 

One user responded: “It's one of those names I think would work well for a confident man but can't imagine on a baby or young child. Also hard to make a nickname out of.”

A second agreed: “Sorry, just no.” 

However, another said: “It's awesome. People use such a wider variety of names these days – thank God. 

“Especially if it's going to be your only one, you should just go for it, I don't think you'll regret it.”

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A fourth suggested: “Love it! Go for it.

"Add in a more pedestrian middle name if you're concerned and he can always go by that if he should want to, but I can't imagine he would. It's cool!”

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