I went to the world's most expensive charity shop – I couldn't believe it, one item even cost £145 | The Sun

WHENEVER you step foot inside a charity shop, you expect to find some super cheap hidden gems. 

But now a keen shopper has given her social media followers an inside look at what she’s described as the world’s most expensive charity shop. 

TikTok user Becky’s Bazaar, who regularly shares videos of the hidden gems she’s found at charity shops and car boot sales, posted a video of the shop and what was inside. 

Becky, whose social media profile is @beckysbazaar, said: “This might be the most expensive charity shop I’ve ever seen.” 

She then filmed herself stepping inside, as she showed the types of products on offer – and the amount they were on sale for. 

First up, she saw a Hugo Boss hoodie – which still had an extremely high price tag. 

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The blue jumper, which included a simple Boss logo in the top corner and on the arm, was being sold for £30.

The second item to catch Becky’s attention were some Doc Martens.

But the popular boot style shoe wasn’t cheap, either, and instead was up for £145. 

Meanwhile, there was an Adidas zip up jacket for £25 and kids’ trainers for £9.

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Elsewhere in the shop the rails had a dark blue Champion hoodie on offer for £20, as well as a hat for £20 .

And people couldn’t believe the charity shop was asking so much for each of the previously owned items. 

One of Becky’s followers commented: “Could pay the same and get it new.”

A second added: “Honestly! Charity shops getting beyond a joke river island T-shirt £20!”

While a third said: “Wow, I thought our local ones were dear.”

However, Becky was quick to explain that she didn’t mind the price tags being high if it meant raising more money for charity.

She wrote alongside her post: “Charge what you want I guess. 

“The more money for charity, the better in my opinion.”

And many of her followers agreed with her sentiment, as they wrote in the comment section.

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One said: “Good for them, it’s going to a good cause.”

A second commented: “I think we’re forgetting why charity shops were originally created.”

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