I work in an Escape Room and I've seen some bizarre things while you're in there, from proposals to sacrifices

IF you've ever been to an escape room, then the chances are you've probably forgotten that there is someone watching you throughout the game.

But CEO Mads Lind, and Game Master, Mathilde Brix, at Mystery Makers revealed to Fabulous some of the crazy things they've seen while watching you play.


According to Mathilde, Game Masters often share stories of what they've seen teams get up to in the escape rooms and one that might surprise you is sacrifices.

During their Rituals room, where you must stop an evil ritual from taking place, some teams have gone so far as to sacrifice a team player to try and put an end to it.

"One team decided to sacrifice their friend in order to get the Game Masters attention," Mathilde revealed.

Luckily, nobody was harmed during the sacrifice.

But the Game Masters are always watching your every move – and will often give clues if they feel the team is getting stuck.


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On the other end of the scale, there's also been romance in the rooms.

While it's not a conventional choice – it sure does make for a memorable experience.

Mathilde said: "A man took his girlfriend in to do the escape room and let us know he was planning to propose.

"One of the last puzzles is finding the key to get out, but we switched it out for the ring so his girlfriend would find that instead.

"Luckily, she said yes."

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Team mates

Many members of staff at Mystery Makers have a degree in sociology – so can't help but people watch and analysing team members every move.

Mathilde and Mads said that most team members fit into certain stereotypes.

They agreed: "You have the architecture, who keeps things organised and analyses how far they've come.

"Then you have the curious one – who's always trying to find clues in the game and think of ways to solve puzzles.

"And there is always a cheerleader in the group, they may not be solving the puzzles, but they're vital for a team's success."

Browsing the decor

Amazingly, some groups don't even attempt the puzzles and spend more time obsessing over the decor of the escape rooms.

Mathilde recalls: "A woman booked an escape room for her grandma and a few of her friends.

"But they spent the entire time swooning over the decorations rather than playing the game."

Mathilde said they were particularly fond of the unicorn statues in the room and at the end of their game time, she showed them some of the puzzles they were meant to complete.

"They were just happy to be there," she adds.


The cameras are there so that the Game Master can see how you're getting on in the game and offer clues as needed, but it also means they see things they may not want to.

Mathilde said she's often caught people smooching in dark corners of the room.

"There's been a few times where you catch couples in the corner making out," she said.

Often the Game Master will notify their presence and it usually puts a stop to any PDA.

So it's worth remembering that just because your friends can't see you – it doesn't mean the Game Master can't.

Useless props

The escape rooms have had to do go through some changes over the years.

Mads was shocked to realise that some technology they used was too vintage for game players – who had no idea what to do with the clues.

He said: "We used to use a dictaphone, but so many people couldn't figure out what it was or how to use it.

"They'd take the tape out, which had the clue recorded and untie it or try and put it into the TV, so we had to stop using them."

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Mathilde is not only a Game Master but the company's marketing lead, and the company have gone viral on TikTok for sharing some of the bizarre things they see customers do.

Mads and Mathilde both agree that there is one truly wonderful thing about the job – people watching and seeing people flourish in the games and impress themselves.

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