I work in Tesco & people's minds are always blown when I tell them what the number on packets of fresh food really mean | The Sun

WHEN it comes to food shopping, people rarely have the time or desire to take a closer look at the details on the food packaging they pick up.

But one Tesco employee has revealed the clever tip she learned that always lets her pick up the freshest produce in the veg section – even when it doesn't have a best before date.

And it's all to do with a secret code that you probably didn't know existed.

Taking to TikTok, the supermarket worker, who posts under the handle @femalemartinlewis, shared a clip where she can be seen zooming into a packet off mangetout in Tesco.

She then shows the discreet letter and number formation that resides at the bottom right-hand side of the packet, which reads A3.

She explains: "Tesco staff training taught me the higher the number the fresher the product."


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The letter equates to the month, while the number refers to the exact 'best before' date.

For example, this means that A3 would equate to January 3rd.

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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 67,000 views – and the revelation has really blown people's minds.

"Why do they not have best before dates any more?" asked one.

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Another, who is also in the know, replied: "That IS the best before date.

"The A means January, B is February, C is March and so on, so the best before date on that is A6 (January 6th)."

And it turns out that the letter and number formation isn't just used in Tesco but in other supermarkets too – including Asda.

"A is January, B is February and so on," a second confirmed.

"The first letter of the alphabet for the first month.

"We have the same at Asda, used to help reduce waste."

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