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AN AGE-DEFYING 71-year-old woman has revealed the skincare routine she's sworn by for 40 years.

Brittany Allyn, who posts under the handle @thirtywaves, took to TikTok and posted a video where she can be seen asking her age-defying aunt Pam to run through
her quick daily AM and PM skincare regime.

In the clip, Pam begins: "I wake up in the morning and splash warm water on my face, grab a towel and dab it."

Brittany points out: "So no washing face in the morning just at night…this preserves your natural oils, which are important for anti-ageing wrinkle prevention."

Pam continues: "I immediately put on lotion with retinol which I have done for probably forty years.

"I do my forehead, cheeks, around my mouth, under my eyes, my decolletage and do you know what? I might do it again.


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"I do that in the morning and then at night when I wash my face."

Pam goes on to say how she also dabs extra lotion around her lips and under eye area.

She continues: "At first if you use Retinol it might seem a little harsh for your skin, but it takes a week or two for your skin to finally get used to it."

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Brittany says she also asked her aunt about SPF – specifically with regards to using it in the morning.

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"One thing is she's NOT using a trentinoin or a Retin-A," Brittany explains.

"She's using a Retiol, which is less harsh BUT it's over the counter and has still worked miracles for her!

"It doesn't have a set SPF as she says her makeup already has it in."

The video has since gone viral and garnered over 360,000 views and hundreds of comments – with many praising Pam's youthful looks.

"Wow. Both of you are beautiful!!! 71 no way!" wrote one.

A second enthused: "71!! I thought she was 57 at most."

A third penned: "I love this I don't cleanse mornings either.
"I use Tretinion 5 nights a week – consistency is the key.

"She's absolutely beautiful 71 my gosh. I love roc retinol."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted:"It obviously works wonders for your aunt because she is stunning!"

Another noted: "Thank you girl! You are beautiful."

Elsewhere, others had the same concern.

"Truthfully shouldn't use retinol during the day. Just night time. When skin gives into cell renewal. Works best," one person advised.

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A second asked: "Retinol in the morning? Really?"

And one more added: "Thanks for the advice! Beautiful ladies, but I’m going to keep using my SPF and tretinoin as advised by my dermatologist."

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