I'm a 2XL – I gave in and bought Kim Kardashian's SKIMS bodysuit – it was worth the money but there's a major problem | The Sun

BUYING Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand bodysuit is definitely worth the money for this style expert, although they note one major problem with the design.

Ms. Kristine, who goes by the username @trendycurvy on TikTok, recently posted a video review about her new purchase of Kardashian's SKIMS bodysuit.

Kristine is a popular plus-size fashion TikToker, having over 1.5 million followers on the platform for her advice and reviews.

Kristine starts the review by confessing, "fine, ok fine, I bought the bodysuit," explaining that she gave in to all the raving about the product on her "For You" page.

"I hate that y'all made me buy it," Kristine joked while unboxing the product for the first time.

She then explained, while pulling the tan bodysuit out of the box, that the product always looks super small given its ability to stretch.

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While showing her followers what the suit looks like out of the box, Kristine noted that although it looks small, the one she got for herself is a 2X or 3X.

Although the smaller appearance wouldn't be the biggest issue.

Kristine then reappears with it on and a pair of jeans on the bottom, saying, "OK, here it is" while noting an important disclaimer and major issue with the design.

"Disclaimer, I had to put a bra on underneath — it's sheer," Kristine explained as her one gripe about anyone looking to get the tan bodysuit.

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Although it may be annoying to have to put a bra on underneath for the SKIMS bodysuit, Kristine still supports the item.

"I see what y'all were talking about, definitely holds me in," Kristine said to her followers.

According to the SKIMS website, some of the bodysuits do have mostly positive reviews, gaining about 4.4 stars out of 5 with almost 2,000 customer responses.

However, aside from the sheer issue that Kristine points out, many consumers also have other issues like the bottom portion of the suit needing to be a thong, or that they are overall too small.

Either way, Kristine still believes that the upsides are worth the money for anyone looking to try the Kim Kardashian SKIMS bodysuit.

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