I’m a barista & there's a secret to getting the perfect coffee – it costs a tenth of the price you’d pay at a fancy shop

HAVE you ever ordered a coffee from a fancy shop – only for it to look too good to drink?

Well, you're not alone.

After all, there's nothing quite like tucking into a creamy latte complete with heart or swan foam detail on top.

The only problem is, the hefty price tag means it can cost up to a tenth more than it would if you were to make your own at home.

But now you can do just that, thanks to a barista who has revealed how she achieves a fun coffee art design in a matter of seconds.

In a short clip shared to TikTok, an employee who works at @thecoffeebarbrum in Birmingham, can be seen placing a piece of labelled cardboard on top of a glass.


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It features swirls to indicate the direction the foam milk should be poured, along with arrows numbered from one-four.

The barista then follows a certain direction and pattern to achieve her desired foam art design – and social media users were left amazed by the results.


In response to the post, which has since received an impressive 13.4 million views, one person joked: "What…I thought it took 2-3 hours."

A second quipped: "I'm still have trouble making the milk like that."

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A third added: The toxicity in me makes me wanna stir it with a straw the minute they set it down in front of me.

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "My toxic trait is me thinking I could do this first try."

However, other baristas also had some top tips for foam art success.

"You can do this part correctly and if your milk isn’t steamed properly you won’t get the same result," warned one.

A second agreed: "The milk has to be steamed correctly."

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Another added: "Yes this is the method but milk has to be right consistency."

Elsewhere, a further advised: "Also worth mentioning how frothy the milk needs to be for this."

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