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WE USE chopping boards daily – but washing them with water or chucking them in the dishwasher does nothing to get rid of germs.

Luckily, one chef has revealed the correct way to clean your wooden chopping boards to remove bacteria.

Melanie Lionella, shared the simple cleaning solution on TikTok and wrote: "The only thing that really cleans them!"

Cutting meat or poultry on a wooden chopping board can leave behind bacteria that thrive in the pores of the wood and can cause food poisoning, reports Good Food.

The chef demonstrates how she not only 'refreshes' her chopping boards but also sanitises them.

The two ingredients are coarse sea salt and fresh lemon.


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The first step is to generously sprinkle the salt all over the chopping board.

Then, cut a lemon in half and use it to scrub the salt into the board with the juice of the lemon.

"Once you've got lemon juice and salt everywhere, all the way to the edgesof your board, let it sit for 15 minutes."

Melanie then rinses off the solution and she's left with a fully sanitised wooden chopping board.

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She explained: "The salt is gritty and that helps rub away all the debris that is stuck on your chopping board.

"It also helps inhibit bacterial grown and microorganism growth because salt naturally does that."

The video has since been viewed over 80k times and people were quick to thank her in the comments section.

One wrote: "Thanks for this! been looking for something for ages!"

"This is how my dad always taught me to do it growing up," another user commented.

However, some were not convinced by the method.

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One wrote: "Hmm nope don't believe a lemon will clean it vs a Dawn soap. you know what else is gritty? a sponge daddy."

"please don't spread this around… lemon juice or salt is not SANITIZING. Don't cut your meat and veggies on the same WOODEN board," added another viewer.

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