I’m a cleaning expert and you’ve been washing your swimsuits all wrong – it should never go in the washing machine | The Sun

IN the UK, it feels like you could blink and miss the hot summer weather – so you can bet we're spending every second of the heatwave soaking up the sunshine.

And once we've had our fill, we normally just bung whatever swimsuit we had on straight in the wash with our beach towels. Right?

Well according to cleaning and home organisation expert Caroline, this is the worst thing you can do for your bikinis.

Earlier this week, the TikTok star – who boasts 176,000 followers – shared the "correct" way to wash them.

To begin with, the cleaning guru recommended running your swimming costume under a cold tap to get rid of any lingering sand, chlorine or sun cream.

She said: "Fill up the sink with cool water and add a teaspoon of gentle detergent.

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"Toss in the bathing suit and now I'm just massaging in the detergent."

After this, she drained the sink and then filled it up with some more cool water.

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Caroline added: "Give it a little shake to remove any excess detergent."

After giving it a quick squeeze, the cleaning expert laid out her swimming costume on a towel.

She then rolled it up like a burrito to get rid of any remaining water.

Finally, Caroline then unrolled it and left it on the towel to dry.

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According to the experts at Simply Swim, putting your swimwear in the washing machine can shorten their life-span and cause damage as they're so fragile.

Instead, Caroline's method will give them a thorough clean without affecting the durability of the garment.

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